Osunsakin Adewale's Hymn

Osunsakin Adewale's Hymn

Composer : Osunsakin Adewale
Hymn Title : Salvation Call

Joyful and inspirational praise
Occupy the space and wholesome raise
Count and measure your ways
Give appreciation day by days
Are now truely save?

Salvation is knocking at your door
Great mystery unfold your way
Mighty work paid on the Calvary
Subtraction of anxiety and worry
Salvation call ! Salvation call !! Salvation call !!!
Be strong in the Lord in the power of His strength
Unspeakable, great and mighty breadth
Wrestling with darkness principality
Winning over flesh and immortality
God is on your side the range is wide.

Oh God your coming is near
Give me grace not to fear
Grant me new garment to wear
While I wait not to swear
Whatever I'm facing God is aware.

The Lord says come and dine
Are you thirty for divine wine?
Take away sin from your life
Write your name in the kingdom's file
There is still much time to reign.

God loves you at this age
Before the know-out stage
Pay the salvation wage
Condemnation in hell cage
Evergreen in heaven page.

Laugh but a little time,
Smile a while , you’ll be fine
Go away sorrow you not on my story-line
Forever success is on my time-line
Turn my life to rise and shine