Our Anthem

Our Anthem

Up, Up Simnify,
God's is the leading beneficiary,
To add value to people's life,
For both young and old, husband and wife,
Up up Simnify
God's is leading beneficiary,
Raising role models across the continent,
The gaint inspirational sentiment,
Our aim to win billions of souls for God by internet mechanism,
And uncompromising e-evangelism,
Up up Simnify
God is the leading beneficiary,
Sharing news of interest across the world,
Making them feel with the event rolling on the board,
Writing for Christ , people and food on the table,
To utilize skills to be stable,
Up up Simnify
God is leading beneficiary.

Motto: " Writing for Christ "

Date first published: 10/2/2019

Date updated : 22/2/2019