What You Need To Know About JAALifestyle https://jaalifestyle.com

What You Need To Know About JAALifestyle https://jaalifestyle.com


JAALifestyle is a UK based international online Company that enables her members make money through advertisement clicking. Verified members receive free future shares of the company.  Monthly earnings guaranteed in hard currency. The compensation plan is life changing. JAALifestyle within a very short time has spread into more than 200 Countries and Territories of the world. JAALifestyle  is Empowering all to become financially free and Jumpstart An Amazing Lifestyle.

We will take it bit by bit so that we can digest in full form. Jaalifestyle is not only just a business but a registered organization with approved license to operate in Bangladesh, India , Indonesia and Nigeria


To those new in jaalifestyle, am sharing this  business opportunity with you, if you have not heard of it. JAALIFESTYLE is the name. JAALifestyle is not a ponzi mushroom schemes that most of us must have joined in the past where they have early birds.JAALifestyle is purely a networking business.

Now, do you know that you are supposed to be paid for the ads you watch on Facebook and the videos you watch on YouTube? Most of you don't know but I know some of you do.You keep on wasting your data without any financial inflow. Let's go there; emergence of JAALifestyle. Now JAALifestyle as a company are telling you that you can be paid for the ads watched, so they are converting all the ads watched to a money making venture. 


In JAALifestyle , you'll make money from watching ads, not just making money, you'll also learn a lot of things that you've never and ever seen before in the process of making money. In Jaalifestyle,there are 3 major benefits open to all members, thus:






Signup and receive a minimum of €1000/yr

For every person you introduce you receive €1000/yr/person. No limit to the number of people you can refer.

Supposing you signup a total of 11 members plus yourself  make it 12. You will receive  a total of €12,000/yr. You will be paid €1000/month for 12 months. That is to say your total annual bonus divide by 12 months


This is the heart of JAA Lifestyle business. Your direct referrals are also expected to refer more people and so on. There is no end to referring members. Your downline from level 1 to 7 represents your team. By JAA Lifestyle system you only have direct access to your level one  only. Note that each members of the team are leaders in their own right building their own teams too.

You will receive commission on each member of your team from level 1 to 7 as follows:

Level 1 - €5/member/month

Level 2-5 - €2/member/mth

Level 6 - €3/member/month

Level 7 - €4/member/month

You will receive such income as long as members remain active in the system.


While the free shares are still available you will receive €50 worth of future shares of the company as soon as you signup. Once the company is listed in London Stock Exchange you will bocome a bonafide owner of it's Shares. This is one of the reasons why you must signup with your real data. It is also for this same reason that Personal Verification is mandatory.


1. Personal Verification: As soon as a member signup free, he or she is required to do Personal Verification (PV). The link isnprovided in your Account page. The fee for PV is €10.

PV is necessary to check out  multiple accounts, money laundering,  terror financing; also to make sure you are not a robot, to secure your Account, to meet legal condtion for giving out real Company Shares and to meet demand of the Company advertising partners. During the process you will be required to after making payment, you upload you your Government recognized ID card and a selfie of yourself.

2. Ads Clicking:

This is the main source of income in this business. 

You will be directed to download an app through which you will receive ads at daily basis from thousands of already identified advertising Companies globally and you ensure you view and click them, all these has been pre arranged by the JAALifestyle, that is all will be under the direction of the Company. The advertising Agencies that are part of the deal are in control. 

Every click drops a fraction of your monthly income in your eWarllet from which you arrange for the pay out at the end of the month. If you and your direct refferals dillently carry out the clicking exercise you would have earned your monthly potential advertising bonus complete. It's clear now that it is advertising companies that pays your Advertising bonus and not JAA Lifestyle.

3. Target of 3million Members Worldwide:

JAA Lifestyle is expected to provide 3million PV verified members to qualify for the add clicking. So by signing up as an Affiliate member you have agreed to participate in meeting this deal. You can see the countdown in your accout page to know how many remain to be met. The countdown is moving fast and we are expecting to meat the target within weeks. So signup and take advantage of the time left to introduce new members and build your network team

Register Now and Do Your PV


1) Unverified

2) Verified

3) Inactive/activation

Q1) Unverified

Ans. Firstly, when you sign up/free registration, your account will be unverified. 

Why? Because you have not uploaded your legal details/documents, the company needs to know you, you need to prove to the company that you're a human being, no company wants to do business with robots.

Q2) Verified

Ans. This is when you have paid a token of €10 and uploaded the necessary documents required that your account will be verified, and you will also earn future shares.(remember €8 will be deducted from your Lifestyle bonus when you start making money from the program because the actual verification fee is €18), you are now a legitimate member. 

Q3) Inactive/activation

Ans. This is a program in in JAALifestyle called Lifestyle program which every team leaders with their various network will earn from level 1 to level 7.

The Lifestyle program for now is inactive, those who have not activated their Lifestyle program will be auto activated when the ads program starts  and €48 will auto deducted from their Lifestyle bonus in their account but if you want to start earning from your Lifestyle program right now you and your team members will need to pay €30 each to activate it and start earning. 

N/B: minimum withdrawal is €100

When you are a verified member you'll legitimately become a member of the company (JAALifestyle) and you'll earn €83.3 per month per account for life and free future shares will be allocated to you as well.

Then if you want to personality earn unlimited income or own your personal oil well in JAALifestyle that will permanently deactivate you and your unborn generations out of current deadly bankruptcy in our society, simply do one thing; build your Lifestyle team network, Lifestyle team network building is where the online oil well is located. 

3×7 Lifestyle team network will give you nothing less than N5million per month for life.

5×7 Lifestyle team network will give you nothing less than N165million per month for life.

6×7 Lifestyle team network will give you nothing less than N585million per month for life.

There are some team leaders all over the world that are currently building 100×7 Lifestyle team network.

You can imagine how many billions the team leader with 100×7 Lifestyle team network will earn in a month