What Are the Different Types of Affairs in Relationship?

What Are the Different Types of Affairs in Relationship?


An affair has the power to make even a strong relationship crumble.If you are hopelessly in love with your partner, it isn’t easy to reason why your partner resorted to infidelity .

A love affair isn’t only when your partner physically cheats on you and sleeps with someone else. There are many types of affairs and forms of cheating in a relationship.

A love affair is a situation in which one of the partners is betraying the relationship or marriage by having a sexual or emotional relationship with someone else.

When people cheat on their partners, it is not necessarily about sex. People resort to infidelity even when they see emotional intimacy is lacking in their primary relationship .

What Makes One Have An Affair?

Unhappiness in the relationship , whether it’s lack of respect from the other partner, or not feeling wanted, or when the sex needs not being met, people resort to infidelity.

Also, when people are bored and the relationship is not fulfilling them emotionally or physically , and they go out looking for what’s missing.

There are several different types of affairs, and they can all have the same devastating consequence on us and our relationships.Understanding what the motive behind cheating is can be the key to healing the relationship.

Types Of Affairs in Details

Identifying the cause is essential. It is only then that you can decide if you wish to give your partner another chance.

Also, you can get closure and begin the process of self-healing only when you know the real reason behind cheating.

Partner has developed feelings for the other person but hasn’t been physically intimate. Many people think that cheating is not “real” unless you sleep with someone else, which is delusional.

As per a study , 50% of female employees and 44% of male employees have confessed that they have developed feelings for some colleagues and have had a “work spouse” at some point in their career.

An emotional affair implies that emotional needs in a relationship aren’t being met.It wasn’t an accident. It doesn’t matter how drunk you were. If you consciously decided to go to bed with a person who’s not your partner, you are a cheater.

It brings excitement, but it takes away trust and love from your relationship. It’s a sign you lack excitement in your marriage or relationship.

If a man or a woman engages in multiple sex affairs for a longer period, they likely have a sexual addiction .

A repeated sex affair maybe isn’t as pleasing to the cheating partner as it seems. It’s an addiction, and they probably don’t know how to stop this behavior.

Sexual addiction is a sign that their sexual needs are different from their partner’s, so they are looking for a way to satisfy their sexual hunger. It’s unhealthy, and they should seek professional therapists to help them deal with the addiction .

A romantic love affair is the first one that comes to mind when we say “Affair,” it usually happens very quickly and is a sign that the person is seeking excitement and is maybe not attracted to their partner .

The person falls in love, and the emotions they are experiencing are so intense that they believe it’s a sign they should stay with the new person and abandon their relationship.

The modern age brings us endless possibilities of meeting new people online. Dating apps are being used by millions of people every day, and it’s only expected that cyber affairs became a thing.

A cyber affair means someone is texting the other person in a romantic or sexual way, sending photos or videos, and a cyber affair can lead to a one-night stand, romantic affair, and emotional infidelity .

All these different types of affairs undeniably indicate that something is not working between partners.

Revenge affair is a common type of affair and results from a previous infidelity of a partner in a relationship.

“If he cheated on me, I would cheat on him and hurt his feelings too” is the idea behind it. But, it is pointless!

Why doesn’t it ? It is because you’re doing it out of pure revenge, and you will shatter your self-respect, your confidence, and dignity by doing this. It has been found that such affairs don’t end well.

People who commit revenge affairs know it’s not going to bring empowerment or healing, yet their resentment is so strong, they still do it.Being married usually means you have accepted your partner as the only sexual partner for the rest of your life (or until death sets you apart).

Some people can get bored after a couple of years, and instead of finding a way to spice up their marriage , they have extramarital affairs thinking this will make them feel better, while the result is quite the opposite.

Certain people are not satisfied by cheating with just one partner. Not only are they cheating, but they are cheating two people at the same time, convincing them they are the only ones.

Disappointment is inevitable for one of them, but why in the world would you want to be on either side of this cheater?

Whether you’re their spouse or the “real” partner, or you are someone they are cheating with, you’re in a losing game because even if they leave the other one and stay with you, chances are high they will cheat again.

Many experts consider this type of affair to be the most dangerous one. Why? Because it feels so complete!

Two people feel connected emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and intellectually and this level of connectedness leads them to think about how they are meant for each other.Some believe in reincarnation and use this as a proof that this is meant to be.

Some claim that the mind-body affair is the most common affair that leads to divorce and remarriage. It also leaves mixed consequences, especially if children are involved.

An illicit affair is one that’s illegal. It’s not approved; it’s unorthodox in many ways. For example, it can be with someone who is under legal age. It’s unlawful or immoral in some way.

It’s a red flag, and if this is your partner who’s involved in an illicit affair, you should seek professional help and possibly let the authorities know if it’s unlawful.

‘ Daddy issue is real. If a woman has been neglected and her emotional needs were not met in her childhood, she is more likely to be attracted to older men or married men who are in most cases emotionally available.

She knows this, and subconsciously, therefore, she chooses them. It’s a pattern and can be broken by seeking professional help who will guide her into accepting her past and changing how she sees herself.

Affair with a married man leads nowhere and is only a weapon of self-destruction.

Sanctioned affair is something that is gaining more popularity in our modern world as people are more open-minded.

To be in a sanctioned affair means that you are having other partners with the permission of your spouse (or relationship partner). Why is this good?It gives you freedom of excitement and adventure, and both of you get to enjoy other people’s companies.

However, it still means you’re not enough for each other, and that’s like covering it up a little bit or putting patches and hoping marriage lasts forever.

This is not really cheating, but it’s almost as if you’re having an affair with people subconsciously.Just like with every other type of affair, it’s a sign something is not quite right.

If you catch yourself thinking of other men or women or imagining sexual intercourse with them while having sex with your partner, it’s a clear sign you are not present in the moment, and you’re not happy with your partner.

Learning From Affairs

It probably seems crazy thinking you can ‘learn’ something from these different types of affairs, but you can.All you have to do is reassess your relationship and see what you could do better in the future or when things start to go downhill.

Find the root of the problem, and you’ll understand everything much, much better. How can you find the root?

By speaking up and being open! You can also seek individual or couple counseling to get to the root of your issues.A love affair is not the end of the relationship.

If one of you cheated, it doesn’t mean it’s over. If both parties are ready to change and to open up about how they truly feel, then your relationship or marriage can heal.

If you feel it was just the drop that filled the glass, it was only a symptom of a long-term disease and problems you two have been experiencing over a longer time.

Whatever the case, affairs do mark the end of your life or happiness. Maybe you’ll heal and continue together.

Or maybe you’ll forgive and let go , and make space for welcoming new people after some time, someone who will respect you and who will find a way to solve things between you before things escalate to having affairs.