Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF) Application Form

Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF) Application Form


Eligible youths can now apply for the Youth Solidarity Fund which will award seed funding of up to USD 25,000 for the implementation of selected projects.

Program Overview 

The Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF) supports youth-led organizations that foster peaceful and inclusive societies. 

Seed funding is given to projects, for and by young people, that demonstrate innovative and effective approaches to intercultural or interfaith dialogue. UNAOC additionally offers capacity-building support to help youth-led organizations strengthen the implementation of their projects.

It was established in 2008, YSF responded to calls for action made by young civil society leaders worldwide on the importance of establishing funding mechanisms for youth-led organizations. 

Today, YSF is more relevant than ever. As the global agenda increasingly speaks of youth’s participation and contribution to peace, development and security, it is critical to listen and respond with funding and partnership opportunities.

The funded projects are youth-led and youth-focused. The age definition used by UNAOC to characterize youth is an individual between the ages of 18 and 35. 

While the projects target mainly young people, they have an impact on entire communities, often involving religious or political leaders, policy-makers, educational institutions and media organizations.

Mode of Application

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Only responses in English are accepted. All questions marked with an asterisk (*) require a response.


Applications close on 31 January 2021, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in New York.