SNation origin, former SUPONIC GLOBAL and E-SPORT

SNation origin, former SUPONIC GLOBAL and E-SPORT

SNation is a company that provides mobile games on a crypto currency platform. Where you can become a millionaire just by playing Suponic game Esport with cryptocurrency call SGC COIN.


What is SGC COIN?

SGC is the game credit used in the Suponic Game Platform, backed by the blockchain.

We build the crypto game platform and provide open source API for the game developers around the world, as we aim for setting up the global standard. Suponic Game Credit (SGC), the game credit used in the crypto game platform, is built on top of Suponic's own crypto technology.

You can earn SGC just by playing well on the game provided by Suponic. as we all know that pandemic has not make the outdoor game to be more effective due to covid19, therefor, you can be in your house and play with your counterparts around the world and make good money just by playing Suponic Esport games,over 1000 thousand of Esport game provide by Suponic 

I will tell you how. All you need is your mobile phone that you carry with you all the time.


Register to SNation to buy the SGC COIN package that is possible of increasing value even when keeping it.


Download ‘InkWars’ from the download section inside the wallet.


Play ‘InkWars’ for free, enjoy it, practice it, and think of the strategies to win.

Use the SGC you received from the registration to play E-Sport Mode against other players.

E-Sport Mode, is designed for players to pay SGC as entrance fee for prizes through multiplayer challenging E-Sport Mode.

The E-Sport Mode system is set so that the professional or experienced gamers can earn SGC with higher winner rate based on the skills of the players developed by time and effort.