How To Host Your Website both paid and free?

How To Host Your Website both paid and free?



Hosting is both paid and free. In free hosting, you get some limited features but is enough for your basic learning and understanding.You want to create a website with your Web designing files, that means you want that everyone can see your web design anytime. That means you've to keep your device always on and send the data to the person who wants to see your site. 

But it is  practically not possible everytime to keep your device on and let everyone see your website everytime. That's where the requirement of hosting services come.

Hosting is the cloud service where you can store your web designing files online and generate a URL through which, people can visit your website. This service is used for making your website online for various purposes like personal interest, practice, business, announcements, public welfare and many more.

How To Host Website For Free?

There are many web hosting services which let you host your website for free. Among all of them, and are most famous.

Let us see, how to host website in 000webhost app.

1) Go to google and search 000webhostapp

2) Click the 1st link

3) Sign up to make a new account in 000webhost 

4) Now you've your free account in 000webhost.

5) In free account, you can host only 1 website having only 300 MB of space. Also you won't get custom domain for free (domain means the URL to visit your website).

6) Now search for Create your website OR Create some magic OR such keyword and click it.

7) Now find "Upload your site" option and click on it.

8) Now they'll ask you for the name of your website. Write the name and provide a password. 

9) Now you'll be redirected to a page where you'll see 2 folders: Public and temp

10) Open the public folder where you'll see a preexisting file name .htaccess, don't modify or delete this file.

11) Now choose the option of uploading file (at the top panel, having a sign like a cloud having a upward arrow below it)

12) Now select the files you want to upload and then press on upload.

13) Boom, your website is ready.

14) Now just open 000webhost in a new tab and you'll find that your account has a website in  online status and there will be the link of your website.