Features of JavaScript as programming language

Features of JavaScript as programming language

The features of JavaScript as programming language are as follows;

1. JavaScript is solving problems that other language your consider a programming language can not solve. 

2. If you can learn JavaScript in 3 months then it's not a programming. So how many months have you been in the world of JavaScript programming language.

3. JavaScript is still the king of the web, even when rust and c++ can still be used   in the web.

4. JavaScript is used is used by all the big company in the like Facebook, Amazon even google used JavaScript.

4. JavaScript is used  for backend and frontend development with the help of nodejs and deno

5. JavaScript can be used to build 3d game, desktop app, mobile app, mini robots etc and still you don't consider it as a programming language.

6. The worst mistake you can do in the world of programming as a developer is to die without learning JavaScript.

So keep betting on JavaScript so where is Pascal, Erlang, objective C, Perl, but JavaScript is still standing doing great things.