What is the Christian belief of God Who do we worship, how do we see God?

What is the Christian belief of God Who do we worship, how do we see God?

What is the Christian belief of God Who do we worship, how do we see God?

Christians believe in one God, but God is not alone. We believe he's there persons in one God, the son is different from the father just like word from speaker but God's word is alive and active the Holy spirit is the spirit of unity that binds them together each person's are not part God but full God individually and collectively one.

The Creator incarnated and mingled with the created 

In form of God the son (Jesus), Jesus died, resurrected and returned. But he's still with us in form of bread and wine transubstantiated through the power of the Holy Spirit by priests who serves in the presence of God at mass

Yet they have existed together as distinct but united beings from the very beginning... For God said "Let us make man, in our image and likeness" ( the majestic we) 

It was through the word that the Father created and through the Spirit that the Father and the word moved (so that nothing happened without the cooperation of the other)

Catholic Catechism says (and I paraphrase) The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit were not created but existed mysteriously together from the beginning. The Son was generated by/from the Father alone; (The Nicene creed used the phrase "Begotten not made") the Holy Spirit is not made nor generated but proceeds from the Father and the Son. 

The Son is equal to the Father in His divinity, but He is inferior to the Father in His humanity. Although He is God and man, He is not two, but one Christ. And He is one, not because His divinity was changed into flesh, but because His humanity was assumed to God. In this Trinity, there is nothing greater, nothing less than anything else. But the entire three persons are coeternal and coequal with one another. 

Thinking of this will wound your brain, don't even try to understand: God is too mysterious for us to understand. We should not even use human language to explain. It's a mystery and as St Thomas Aquinas said after the mysterious experience of God "All that we know about God are but straw to what really is" St Augustine also said "The day you understand God then he ceases to be God"