Your Ishmael is your short cut to life, your Ishmael is your plan B

Your Ishmael is your short cut to life, your Ishmael is your plan B

Deal with your Ishmael. Your Ishmael is your short cut to life,  your Ishmael is your plan B,  against God's plan,  deal with It now,  or your will never achieve your  God given destiny.Everyone wants to be greatly successful, but there is a process to undergo before the success comes. We must give consideration to the unique seasons we are in as individuals at every point in time.

Many times, people get lucky and get a taste of the success they are pursuing before the time comes. David for example got a taste of being the number one citizen of Israel before he sat on the throne. After killing Goliath, the women considered him the most important man in the nation. They even sang that he was more successful than King Saul.

“And the women answered one another as they played, and said, Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands.”
1 Samuel 18:7

This short taste of success did not make David plan a coup and overthrow Saul. He knew it was not yet time, so he went back to serving Saul. Many people these days would have started their own army and called it ‘The Giant Slayers’ and the name of David would have faded away. A medical student who treats malaria successfully and goes to open a hospital will soon become the only patient there.

Go through the process necessary for success. There is a seed time and harvest time. If you eat all the seed up, when harvest time comes, there will be nothing to reap. If you are in doubt, always ask God what season of your life you are in.

Egypt would have perished during the famine if God had not revealed to Pharaoh in a dream that a season of abundance was coming and it would be followed by a season of famine (Genesis 41:25-32).

God is the controller of times and seasons; you should constantly ask Him what season of your life you’re currently in so you don’t commit errors or miss out on the prospective blessings.

Galatians  4:30 Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.

Ishmael was born as a result of Abraham attempting to hurry up the plan or God and fulfil it through human effort.  Are you doing that?,  we all have our 'Ishaemel'  a good idea that was not God's idea,  can complicate your life.  

You say 'But didn't God love Ishmael too?'  yes,  and He blessed him.  But God said He would only fulfil His plan through Isaac.  When you run ahead of God,  or try to replace His will with your will,  not only do you suffer,  but the people you love suffer too. He is saying,  it is time to deal with your past,  and clean out your cupboard,  

Like Ishmael and Isaac,  sometimes your miracle and your mistake can grow together under the same roof.  Things can be so bad in one area,  yet so good in another. 

Today,  God may be saying to you,  'Because  of the destiny I have in mind for you,  you've got to put things out of your life.'  Its painful letting go of something you love or something your flesh creates,  but you have no choice.  

When you are willing to walk away from something you love because you love God more,  that's called 'The sacrifice',  and when  you offer it up to God,  you position yourself to receive the fullness of His blessings in your life.  

Gen 9:1-17 & Jer 31:31

👉God will separate you from those pulling you down & connect you to those who will help you up from today in Jesus Name!

👉Everywhere you turn from now, forces in the heavens and on earth will work together to bless you in Jesus Name!

👉Your life will indeed take a new turn towards continous increase & multiplication from now in Jesus Name!

👉The wonder that will make you become a blessing even to the blessed will happen this month in Jesus Name!

God bless you.