Trump showdown US Postal Service as Democrats now fight back

Trump showdown US Postal Service as Democrats now fight back

Recall that the US President Donald Trump showdown US Postal Service last week now the Democrats are launching an emergency effort to thwart what they warn is Trump's attempt to squeeze the US Postal Service one of the country's most beloved institutions to suppress the vote in November's election.  Nancy Pelosi is calling on the House to return to Washington, likely next weekend, for an unheard of session during presidential convention season.

Democrats have also demanded that new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testify on August 24 to answer charges that his controversial new policy changes are intended to deliberately slow voting by mail.

The long feared post-Election Day showdown involving Trump's false claims about voting fraud is already here more than two months early  due to the building fight in Washington over the Postal Service. With slower mail and election concerns, Trump's postmaster general is in the hot seat

The aggressive Democratic counter-attack coming at the start of a critical two-week political crunch that contains the Democratic and Republican National Conventions follows Trump's incessant falsehoods about mail-in voting inviting a "catastrophe" in November. The President admitted last week that he opposed $25 billion in new funding for the agency because it could be used to expand such ballot access.The comment left him open to charges that he is deliberately trying to deny the franchise to voters who fear going to polling stations because of the pandemic that has been exacerbated by his mismanagement and has now killed more than 170,000 Americans.

"The Postmaster General and top Postal Service leadership must answer to the Congress and the American people as to why they are pushing these dangerous new policies that threaten to silence the voices of millions, just months before the election," Democratic leaders, including Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, said in a statement announcing the hearing they want to have next week with DeJoy, a top Trump fundraiser.
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