Reports and Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphones

Reports and Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphones

Reports and Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphones

The Reports and features of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphones come with different cooling technology. The Samsung made its flagship smartphones in two models – one using the Exynos processor and the other one with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. But it looks like it is making Galaxy Note 20 handsets with different cooling tech as well. 

As found in the iFixit teardown and in JerryRigEverything’s teardown video on YouTube, some Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Note 20 models are equipped with copper-enveloped vapor chamber cooling or graphite thermal pads. It is also said that this has nothing to do with Exynos-Snapdragon chipsets. 

While iFixit found graphite thermal pads in both Snapdragon 865+ based Galaxy Note 20 handsets during teardown, JerryRigEverything YouTube video had Exynos 990-based handset sporting the same tech. 

However, another teardown video by a channel called iCase Mobile Service Center showed the handset sporting a copper-enveloped vapor chamber in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

This change might also be there for 5G and non-5G smartphones, but nothing can be said for sure.

Talking about Note series, Samsung is planning to kill the line up next year. A report from South Korea states that Samsung is planning to ‘kill’ the Galaxy Note line up as soon as next year and replace it with Galaxy Fold series instead. And in case you want that ‘S-Pen’ experience, Samsung will include it in next-gen Galaxy S handset, tipped as Galaxy S21. 

However, the S-Pen support is said to arrive in just Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

Although this is a major change in the line-up, for the most part it does make sense considering both Galaxy S series and Note series come with same set of specs with the only major difference being the S Pen implementation. 

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