Effects Of Eating Contaminated Food

Effects Of Eating Contaminated Food

Effects Of Eating Contaminated Food

When food becomes contaminated, it can cause a  lot of problems to the body. Depending on the source and level of contamination, the effect of contamination food can cause the following:

1) Poisoning: Food-borne infection is a type of food poisoning that can result when you eat food that is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria are present, they can multiply in your digestive track and make you sick. Often people get food poisoning from animals based food such as meat,poultry,egg,dairy product and seafood

2)Sickness: This is the harmful change in the normal     appearance, structure or function of the body or any of its part. Eating Contaminated food can cause serious sickness. Unwashed fruit, vegetable and other raw food can get contaminated and make someone sick

3)Diarrhoea: This is frequent passage of abnormally loose,watery stool. It is often followed by pain,low fever,nausea and vomiting. It is a common effect of eating contaminated food or beverages.The usually treatment for diarrhoea including bed rest,drinking liquid to replace fluids and salts lost from the body and eating soft food

4)Vomiting:This is the expulsion of the connection of the stomach through the mouth. Sweating and excessive production saliva always come before vomiting. Eating contaminated food can immediately lead to vomiting. 

5)Stomach disorder: Stomach disorder occurs when the normal process of digestion is disturbed. In most cases, stomach disorder is caused by poor eating habits such as eating too much or too quickly,swallowing air while eating,or not chewing food properly. It can also be caused by eating contaminated food. Continuous or severe stomach disorder in a person who has no history of digestive problems should be reported to a doctor. 

6)Death: Death can occur as a result of eating contaminated food. Therefore, all food should be properly stored,checked and cooked before eating as prevention is better and cheaper than cure
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