West Bromwich Albion returns to the Premier League

West Bromwich Albion returns to the Premier League

West Bromwich Albion return to the Premier League

West Bromwich Albion returned to the Premier League. The Baggies are been congratulated and celebrated. Cardiff and Swansea are in the play-offs, while Nottingham Forest fans will hope to wake up and find out this was all just a bad dream [sorry, it wasn't].

Barnsley, Birmingham, Luton and Middlesbrough are all staying up, while Wigan, Charlton and Hull have suffered the heartbreak of relegation.

The latter may yet change, depending how what the courts have to say about three issues. But for now it's goodbye from us - we'll see you for the start of the Championship play-offs on Sunday.

West Brom boss Slaven Bilic has been speaking to the press after his side's 2-2 draw with QPR was enough to secure promotion to the Premier League: “You don’t know how exhausting it was this season. You can’t imagine how proud and happy I am.

“I managed my country (Croatia) for six years and I said no matter which club I manage nothing will compare when you are manager of your national team. I can’t say it’s the same but I feel as proud as I felt then. “We’ve got work to do but I haven’t thought about it because of this crazy situation.”

All of the five sides that occupied the bottom five in the table on the night of 2 July  after Hull had beaten Middlesbrough have stayed up. That was Luton, Barnsley, Stoke, Middlesbrough and Huddersfield.

Four play-off semi-finals have been  confirmed
Further up the table, we have our four play-off semi-finalists confirmed and here are the dates of the all important ties:

First legs:
Swansea City v Brentford [18:30 BST, Sunday]
Cardiff City v Fulham [19:45 BST, Monday]

Second legs:
Brentford v Swansea City [19:45 BST, Wednesday]
Fulham v Cardiff City [19:45 BST, Thursday]

Play-off final to be played at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday 4 August.