Why Did Coronavirus Start In Wuhan China?

Why Did Coronavirus Start In Wuhan China?

One of the first cities Vodafone, Huawei  and some other telecoms companies installed some of the ubiquitous blanket technology is Wuhan China, where this so-called Coronavirus supposedly started in a fish market. That is complete nonsense.

The truth is that it started as a result of the ultra high radioactive or radio frequency creating radiations that was toxic  to the human cells. That's why people were falling over and dying in the streets, etc. So they were trying to cover it up. And because it has a fluid type characteristic, they are using the fake story of a Coronavirus to try and hide the true fact that people are dying from the ultra high 5G frequency. Note that when installed, it takes over 6 months before the 5G frequency can start impacting on the human cells, and that is what happened in Wuhan.

There are other major cities that also rolled out the 5G Network  last year. Obviously, Wuhan was the first city, then Spain rolled out 5G, Italy also rolled out 5G, etc. Now we are seeing an uncommon level of deaths because of the high level 5G penetration in these countries.

Italy has had more deaths than any other country because it is densely populated with 5G and the older generation doesn't have the strong immune system to fight it. So Italy has rolled it out, Spain has rolled it out, most major cities have rolled it out around the world. In countries,  London is one of the biggest CCTV centers and obviously they are in the process of rolling out 5G.

What is the relevance of all these? The relevance is that the Coronavirus is not what is killing people now. It is clearly, categorically, unequivocally and scientifically proven that the radio frequency that these people are being exposed to is what is killing them.

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