How To Be Successful Programmer

How To Be Successful Programmer

How To Be Successful Programmer

Multiple programming languages like C, C++, dot net, Javascript, Java, COBOL (Mainframe), ABAP (SAP), Angular and also worked on multiple database like SQL, Oracle, DB2 (Mainframe), HANA (SAP), Firebase (Google).

1. Stop mug up the code or syntax.

2.Focus on logic development rather which programming language you are using.

3. Constant Practice

1.Stop Mug Up The Code Or Syntax

When I started learning the C language I used to wasting my time in mug up each and every syntax and also used to mug up the sequence of steps like this step is after these steps and vise versa. That was my first big mistake, to learn a programming language like the same as I used to do for other languages.

Syntax is just a way to write in a particular way to get what you want. You can get syntax of any type of statement by searching on the web, so don’t waste your time to mug up the syntax.

2.Focus On Logic Development Rather Which Programming Language You Are Using

If you want to be a successful programmer then focus on logical thinking rather on choosing which programming language I should start learning. Many students are asking me this question “Which language I should start learning?”. My answer to this question is, If you know the basics of computer science like what is algorithm (Sequence of instructions), what is Decompositions (Divide your big problem into small task) and you can write Pseudo code (sequence of your logic) then it doesn’t matter which language you should learn. You can choose any language that you think you are interested in and start applying your knowledge.

Summary is, first develop your logical thinking by using any simple language or I will suggest to start with block based programming languages like Scratch to develop your logical thinking to get the solution for any complex problem. If you are good in logical thinking, then you are definitely going to be successful in any language, it doesn’t matter which programming language you are going to use in future.
Programmers are getting paid because they are good in solving problems. You never know which programming language you need to used in the future to solve a particular problem, so your primary focus should be on developing skills to solve any type of problem.

3.Constant Practice 

Practice makes you perfect , there is no other shortcut to be successful programmer. Programmer has to go through 4 stages (Learn -> Practice -> Learn from mistakes -> Practice).