How to Know that Someone Loves You

How to Know that Someone Loves You

Love your boy

Lady never abandon a good man for a stupid reason, a jobless man, and a lazy man is never the same. He may not have today and that doesn't mean he will be lacking forever. Man, The higher you elevate your woman and treat her well, the less available she makes herself to other men. When you are stingy and treat her bad, you make her accessible to anyone she thinks will treat her better. Here are seven straight ways to know truly if someone loves you;

1. Love somebody who listens to whatever is on your mind,who protects you and always reminds you how blessed they are to have found you.

2. Love somebody who you can't stay mad at for more than an hour because you miss speaking to them,who knows every freckle on your face, every stretch mark on your thighs, every scar and every tear.

3. Love somebody who you can plan your future with,and most importantly love somebody who is God fearing.

4. When you fall in love make sure it's with somebody who treats you exactly how you deserve to be treated.

5. Love somebody who wants to know everything about you,from your favorite color to your childhood memories how you managed to survive all those years.

6. Love somebody who can make you laugh,who kisses your forehead and who notices all your flaws but chooses to see past them.

7. Ask God to blessed the person you ve made ur choice to love and show you the way to build the love for married purpose.

Finally Love is not for the weak hearted or non believers. If you fall in love you have to believe in the strength of your heart and soul. You ought to have a strong heart to help you pull together through hard times. Don't forget to make them feel loved in return.
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