Twitter Removes Geographical Location Tags from Users

Twitter Removes Geographical Location Tags from Users

The popular social media portal, Twitter has officially removed geographical locations tagline support to its users. When Twitter originally announced support for geotagging back in 2009, it had big ambitions for the feature.

Rather than focusing on tweets from people you follow, Twitter thought people might start browsing tweets based on location, allowing them to keep up with a local event like a concert. However, you’ll still be able to tag the precise location of your photographs.  

In clarification, you’ll also still be able to add your location to tweets via the service’s integration with mapping services like FourSquare and Yelp.

Futher more, in the end though, it seems like people found it far more convenient to organize around hashtags and trending topics. Meanwhile, keeping a feature around that barely anyone wants presents a privacy risk if people use it accidentally.
More so, Twitter is going to stop letting you add a precise geotag to your tweets, because there isn’t enough demand for the feature. In a tweet, the company’s support account said that it was removing the feature “to simplify your Tweeting experience.”

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