Professor Adebayo Has Reacted to 2019 General Elections

Professor Adebayo Has Reacted to 2019 General Elections

Professor Adebayo Otitoloju the Returning Officer for Lagos East Senatorial Election has reacted to 2019 general elections. The renowned professor said: “There is need for some form of reforms,” in Nigerian electoral processes in the reality of true democracy.

The professor has also revealed that the country should imbibe the method of electronic coalition of results and not allow electronic voting.

“We can upgrade the smart card readers to be able to start that process, and once that is done, most of our elections challenges will be removed completely. Logistics is a major challenge.”

According to the reports  the retreat had in attendance INEC management staff, including heads of departments, electoral officers and their assistants, and some collation officers in the state in the 2019 elections.

According to them, if the nation wants to grow its democracy, there is the need to tinker with its electoral system. “I will advocate reforms that will lead to e-collation, not e-voting, that is a collation that will start from the polling units.

The university tutor has made the advocacy in separate interviews with  the sidelines of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) 2019 State Level Post Election Review in Lagos.
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