Mangoes Declared Surplus In Philippines

Mangoes Declared Surplus In Philippines


Over two millions mangoes ( Mangifera indica) kilogrammes have been declared abundant in Philippines following a high level of crop yield. Emmanuel Piñol uttered that "currently a surplus of about two million kilos of mangoes in Luzon" as he stated this from a reliable source.
Emmanuel Piñol said the last time stocks were this high was "after the El Niño of 2015 and 2016".
In this regard the prizes of mangoes have fallen due to high supply. Even in some areas mangoes are selling for as little as 20 pesos.

The country's agriculture secretary said the extra mangoes were the result of a "dry spell caused El Niño".

The El Niño phenomenon occurs naturally and has a major influence on weather patterns around the world.

The government has launched a marketing campaign in a bid to sell one million kilos of the fruit in June before they begin to rot.
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