Your Midnight Is Almost Over

Your Midnight Is Almost Over

"And when the Lord saw her,he had compassion on her,and said unto her, weep not"Luke 7:13.

Dearly beloved and friends, don’t worry about a a thing, every little thing will be alright. Meditate on this song below: If you know it, sing it. Your Sun will shine again and your tomorrow shall be alright in Jesus name, weep not .(Isaiah 3:10)

The Sun Will Shine Again
1.If you are facing a mountain so high that just won't move away/If a sickness lingers inside no matter how hard you pray /Listen my Brother, I've got good news, your victory is at hand. Your midnight's almost over, the sun will shine again:

The Sun will shine again ,oh the sun will shine again/Dark clouds will fade ,a new day will break, just like God promise to send,Oh, there's a rainbow on the other side, the storm is going to end, midnight’s almost over, the sun will shine again.(Genesis 9:16)

you ,like the widow who faced her last meal, you don't know just where to turn/If your heart is broken inside and nobody seems concerned:

Oh, listen my brother, this too shall pass and God's word surely will stand
Midnight's almost over, the sun will shine again
Midnight's almost over, the sun will shine again
Shine again!(1 Kings 17:12-14).

1.Go back ,in absolute surrender to Him ,He is waiting to show you compassion.
2.People will sympathize or even empathize with your situation,they raptly listen to your full story but do nothing about it.Jesus is not interested in your failure but He offers compassion.Take it!!!.
3.Believe and confess that He is able to make your dark clouds to disappear and bring you a brighter day.
4.Prophesy into your life, family, marriage, business and ministry. Receive life today.

1.Father,arise and have mercy on me;show me your compassion.(Psalm 102:13)
2.Father,men can sympathize but you can bring life. Jesus,please speak life into me today.
3.Father,please step boldly into my marriage, business and ministry;I give you the right of passage.

Reference: The Family Menu , 18 th March 2019.