Wisdom Quotes Part 1

Wisdom Quotes Part 1

1.There is no copyright when it comes to the anointing. We are permitted to follow people who have obtained what we are looking for, and do what they are doing to get the results they have!

2.Life is a battle ground, but it is better to know what you are fighting for. Reason is more important than action. Until you know why you are ‘fighting' in life, you won't have focus. It is possible to fight vigorously, but wrongly.

3.We do not have any special problem; we are only victims of special ignorance, which is caused by our lack of knowledge and application of the Word. What we do with the Word we receive, determines our glorious outcome!

4.If you are not running with a vision you are not a candidate for dominion. Your speed in life is determined by the quality of information at your disposal, and the level of insight with which you are operating. You cannot go beyond the information at your disposal. The brighter you see,the faster you go.The more informed you are,the greater the results you command!

5.If you do what you are called to do with excellence, resolve, wisdom, money will come to you. If you are overly focused on money, you will tend to wait until you have enough of it to start, but you will probably never feel that you have enough. Be wise in gathering your resources, but do not be overly focused on this one issue and it will come to you much faster!

6.Anything you don't have is something that you have not given,and any forgiveness that still remember the past is not forgiveness. A believer who is abiding in the Word and prayers will always overcome complex situations. Only such a person will know the truth and get wisdom!

7.There are special prices that a Pastor must pay if growth must be seen in the Church. Personal development is number one on the list.

8.Willingness to work very hard must follow. Learning and trainings in church growth through seminars,conferences,courses,tapes and books are part of the prices. Visiting and studying growing churches,willingness to change old methods and adapt to strategies that work today are also necessary!

10.Every time the devil wants to destroy a person he gets him to be alone or brings wrong people into his life. In that lonely state he will bring wrong people into his life that would tell him what is not working in his life and how things will not work. The devil knows the power of uncommon relationships!

11.Don't fall into the group of unfortunate people, who get satisfied too soon,who think they have made it,when they have only just begun. They think they know it all,but they know so little!

13.No man becomes successful in life solely by his strength and effort so help people to succeed the same way others helped you (even in insignificant ways)to make it.

14.Reflect on how far you have come; it wasn't solely by your effort. Keep the ripples in motion.

15.Dishonesty is one of the cheapest ways of cutting off the flow of unction. If you are a minister of the gospel,be careful not to say what God has not said,in a bid to take advantage of someone!