Summary of Deuteronomy

Summary of Deuteronomy

The name “Deuteronomy” means “second law” . It summarises the laws which the Israelites received during their time in the desert.

Imagine, you have spent months reading books, listening in lessons and doing homework. You have learned lots of important information that will help you in the future. Then the week before the final exam, your teacher goes over what you have learned and urges you to remember everything that has happened.

The book of Deuteronomy is a lot like that final revision week. The Israelites, after wandering around the desert for forty years, were preparing for the “final test” -about to enter God's promised land. But before that happened, their leader , Moses , made a point of delivering three “revision lesson” sermons.

In these sermons, Moses reminded God's people of all that he had done for them, and warned them against turning away from him as they entered the new land. Moses encourages God's people to obey the laws- not because of some empty sense of “duty” , but out gratitude for God's unlimited love.

Why Read This Book
  • It helps to be reminded of all the good things that Good has done for his people ( Deuteronomy 1-4)
  • It helps to find out what God requires of people because of his species relationship with them ( Deuteronomy 5-28)
  • It helps to see what God has in store for his people, when they do right and when they do wrong ( Deuteronomy 29-30)