Thankfulness should be our lifestyle everyday and in everyway.God has never ceased to be kind, merciful and favourable unto us inspire and despite our state, status and situations. The word “thankfulness” can be defined as the expressions of gratitude, especially to Almighty God who He is , what He has done, what He is doing and what He has done, what He is doing and what He will yet do. One of the greatest way to show symbol of appreciation to God is to give thanks.

According to Psalm 100:4 we are to enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and unto His courts with praise; be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.” Christ , Himself was the perfect  and leader by example of showing gratitude to God.

To be thankful is to;
  • Acknowledge the God behind your blessings and success
  • To recognise the past deeds of God Psalm 103:1-5
  • Appreciate God for thus far He has brought you.
  • Appreciate God in anticipation of a better tomorrow.

Why give thanks
  • God commander it. Psalm 100:2-4
  • God inhabits our praises
  • Because you are alive. It means there is hope for you. Job 14:7

Benefits of Thankfulness
1.It gives access into God's presence.( Psalm 100:4 ): Thankfulness open His gates. Until you enter His presence via thankfulness, there is no audience. And if there is no audience, there can't be answers to prayers
2. It unlocks many doors: Whenever thankfulness goes up, blessings come down. Acts 16:25. It sets the atmosphere for deliverance, breakthrough, promotion etc.
3. It  is the key to supernatural victories: (2 Chronicle 20:20): Gratitude passes the battle over to God. It brings God on the scene. It is a weapon against the enemies manipulations. Psalm 9:1-4
4. It brings multiplication and increase: Everyone who is grateful increase. Every blessing multiplies at the instance of thankfulness. It makes you a candidate for more blessings
5.Lost glory can restored Daniel 4:34-37
6. It focuses your mind on God's might and greatness above challenges
7.It strengthens our faith in Christ
8. It ignites joy in you. Psalm 28:7. You can't be sad while thanking God. Once joy is released, sadness and sorrow disappears
9. It promotes good health ( Proverbs 17:22): Research has shown that greatful people tend to enjoy good health more than ungreatful people.

Barriers to Thankfulness
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Ignorance
  • Pride
  • Past disappointment
  • Anger
  • Delay
  • Frustration

Conclusively, we need to make thankfulness a lifestyle. Ungreatfulness is a sign of the end time and should not be found among believers. As believers, we have a lot to be greatful for. The greatest saint in the world is not he prays most , fast most , gives most but he is the that is always thankfulness to God. He who does not thank God for little can't thank Him for much. It's the season to be greatful. Beloved, rejoice!