Summary of Numbers

Summary of Numbers


It is  an important rugby match and there is just the chance for a try. You go for it and lose the ball. Within seconds the opposition are another five points up. Your discouraged team faces a long struggle if they are to turn the score in their favour.

On a far greater scale, the book of Numbers tells a similar story. The Hebrew people had been delivered from slavery in Egypt and were on their way to God's promised land. But they disobeyed God and spent forty years wandering a hostile desert.

Numbers tells how God punished his people who had lost faith both in themselves and in him. It teaches us the importance of obeying and following God with all our heart , and shows how God patiently and persistently disciplines his stubborn children.

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Numbers gets its name from the census taken both at the beginning and at the end of the book. However, its original name “ In the Desert” is more accurate.

Why read this book
  • It helps to learn what can happen when you don't trust God's power ( Numbers 13-14)
  • It helps to see God plans to be good to his people ( Numbers  22-24)
  • It helps to read about the first equal rights for women ( Numbers 27:1-11)

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