Summary of Genesis

Summary of Genesis

For weeks, you work tediously in art class creating a clay scripture. You carefully shape the soft clay. One Friday, you leave the most finished scripture to harden. On Monday, you return. You find your clay twisted into a chaotic, unrecognizable blob. Rage and sadness swell up in you. You must begin the painstaking work all over again.

Genesis tells a similar story. It's the story of God's loving care in creating the world. But the story has a dark, twisted side. Genesis tells of human rebellion, murder and other human evil as people rebel against God.

Genesis falls naturally into two parts. Chapters 1-11 talk about the beginnings of the world. Here you'll read the famous stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, and the tower of Babel. Each story shows how people often twist and destroy the gifts that God has given them.

Then chapters 12-50 talk specifically about the beginnings of the Hebrew people, later known as Israelites. You'll read about Abraham, the father of the nation , and his sons. And the book concludes with the story of Joseph, who God was able to use for great things even after his brothers had sold him into salary.

Genesis is the one of the most important books in the Bible. Not only does the rest of the Bible build the foundation laid in this book, but the book shows how, from the beginning, God has used special people to play important roles in his world.

Reasons for Reading Genesis
  • It helps to reflect on the beauty and wonder of God's creation(Genesis 1-2)
  • It helps to learn how God responds to rebellion against him ( Genesis 3-11)
  • It helps to discover how God keeps his promises (Genesis 12-24)
  • It helps to see how God works for good even during bad times (Genesis 37-50)

Read,reflect and recite , Genesis today.