Types Of Husbands
1: BACHELOR HUSBAND :- Does things on his own without consulting wife. Hangs out a lot with friends more than wife. Not serious about marriage life.

2: ACIDIC HUSBAND :- Is always boiling like acid and always angry violent, moody, dominating and very dangerous.

3: SLAVE HUSBAND :- Wants to be treated like a King but treats Wife like a Slave. Likes wife to perform old tradition respect and hates being called by their first name.

4: GENERAL HUSBAND :- Husband for every woman. Loves and cares for girlfriends more than his wife. Likes giving money to girlfriends and has more female friends.

5: DRY HUSBAND :- Very moody and stingy, doesn't consider wife's emotions, doesn't make the relationship enjoyable. Has no sense of humor.

6: PANADOL HUSBAND :- Uses wife as problem solver, only loves wife when needing something from her. Is clever and knows wife's weaknesses and capitalizes on that to get relief from wife.

7: PARASITE HUSBAND :- Lazy and only loves wife for the sake of money. Uses wife's money on girlfriends. No initiative and does not help wife with house responsibilities.

8: BABY HUSBAND :- Irresponsible and childish and can't make decisions on his own without asking his Mother or relatives; compares Wife to relatives and runs to them always if something goes wrong.

9: VISITING HUSBAND :- Not always at home, comes as a visitor. Provides family all material things but has no time for them.

10: CARING HUSBAND :- Caring and loving. Provides material and emotional needs and makes time for family. Guides home spiritually. Very responsible and treats wife as partner and helper.

Types Of Wives
1. BOXING WIVES :- These are the type of wives that fight with their husbands delibrately just to provoke him to anger.These kind of women are ready to fight with the husband mostly in the public area to create a scene.

2. HEADMASTER WIVES :- These are the wives that are well paid in either their career or business but they disrespect and put their husband down because they have the financial edge over their husbands..

3. POLICE WIFE :-This type is very common. These are the wives that inspect or police their husbands everywhere they go. When the husband goes to the bathroom they pick up his phone to quickly check his messages. If the husband makes a call they hide behind the door to listen to every conversation. If the husband goes out they make sure he is followed and has friends that keep an extra eye on the husband activities.

4. DICTIONARY WIFE :-These are the wives that dont listen to the advise of their husband but rather they prefer to listen to their mother or sister or friendd. Whenever their husband says something, they quickly go to verify from either the mother, sister, friend e.t.c like a dictionary to know if she should go ahead with what their husband instructed or not.

5. PARTY WIVES :- They prefer to buy every available asoebi and shoe and bag to attend any available party even though her family does not have the financial muscle to entertain such expenses. They are readily available at every party and owambe thereby neglecting their children, husband and home.

6. PAMPERED WIVES :- These are also known as daddy's little girl. They call and report their husband to their father at any slight argument or conversation.The rich ones are highly dangerous especially when the husband is working directly for the father.

7. DUSTBIN WIVES :- The name might sound harsh but they exist.These wives leave the home unkept and dirty and you only see them rushing to clean the house only when they have a visitor at the door.There are several occasions were some husbands get home after a days work only to find the house upside down and dirty.

8. GOD FEARING WIVES :- They are caring and loving. Provides emotional needs and creates extra time for family. Guides home spiritually, Very responsible and treats husband and family with respect.

9. FACEBOOK WIVES :- They are always on the internet, instagram, posting pictures with twisted legs, chatting and even forget to do basic shores because they want to know what is happening on FB.

So for the ladies which one are you and for the guys which one do you currently have. Kindly go through so that you can work on yourself if need be.

12 Kinds Of People You Must Never Marry
1. AN UNBELIEVER: Don’t marry a person who is not born again 2 Cor 6:14. The salvation of the person you are marrying must be properly checked and verified. There is no union between light and darkness, if you marry the child of Satan, Satan becomes your father in-law. The danger is that what you expect from them, they don’t have the capacity to give.

2. SOMEONE WITHOUT VISION OR DIRECTION OR SOMEONE WITH AN OPPOSITE VISION OR DIRECTON. A person without direction is an accident bound to happen. Don’t marry a man with television, marry a man with vision.

3. DON’T MARRY A DESPERATE PERSON.  If you close your eyes to the errors of today, you will live in horror tomorrow. Take your time. Don’t be desperate. God may come later but never late.

4. Don’t marry someone who does not love you. Don’t marry because of lust. Love should be well balanced between the two parties.  Remember that Faults are thick when love is thin and love is thin when faults are thick. Love covers a multitude of sins.
How to know if someone loves you? He will possess the qualities outlined in 1 Cor 13:3-8. It is better to be single than to be married and miserable. If there is no love, do not marry. Marriage can be heaven or hell.

5. DO NOT MARRY A MUMMY OR DADDY’S BOY. They are tied to their parents’ apron. They cannot take decisions on their own without their parents input.

6. DO NOT MARRY A LAZY BONE. Ask him, what is his perspective about work?  What is his belief about work? Because there is no job now does not mean that you cannot do anything. Be resourceful.

7. DON’T MARRY A DOMINEERING PERSON: He or she wants to subject you to do things their way. Don’t marry a woman that will dictate to you. Don’t marry a man that you cannot submit to. Don’t marry someone you are not proud to associate with.

8. DON’T MARRY AN UNSERIOUS OR COSMETIC BELIEVER. They are fake and lukewarm. They need to be persuaded to come to church. It is proven by 90% that a person that does not love God will not love you.

9. DON’T MARRY SOMEONE WHOSE FOCUS IS ON YOUR PHYSICAL LOOKS. You may be attracted to a person but you will live with the person inside not the external things you see. Pay attention to character, Spiritual content and values Prov. 30:30

10. DON’T MARRY AN ABUSER. Don’t marry someone who treats you like a servant. Don’t marry a dictator who commands you around. Marry a friend not a boss. Anyone who fails to manage his emotions cannot manage another person’s heart.

11. DON’T MARRY A STRANGER. Don’t marry someone you have not seen before. For instance, an arranged marriage. Verify the identity of the person you are marrying to avoid mistakes

12. DON’T MARRY SOMEONE WHO IS NOT UNDER ANY AUTHORITY. He may be a rebel. Don’t marry someone who respects and listens to no one.