The Jewish nation, over the years, having suffered persecution and near extermination from different places in the world prefer to function more with portable wealth forms like education, knowledge and things that can move. In fact, some of them make very dangerous and bad decisions about acquisition of property because they know that their property can be destroyed if there is a violent crisis. They call buying of landed property outside of Israel bad business. In other societies, such problems do not exist and it becomes good business to acquire an immovable property there. You may need to consider certain factors to know whether to concentrate on portable or immovable wealth at any point in time.

Wisdom is not natural; it is from God. The Bible says in Proverbs chapter 14 verse 24, “the crown of the wise is their riches…” Wisdom automatically will translate to wealth. There is no record in the Bible of a wise man that was poor except in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verses 15-16 where it spoke of a wise man that was referred to as a poor wise man, that gave counsel to destroy an invading army and nobody respected his wisdom. His wisdom was despised because he did not take the crown of wisdom which is wealth.

The highest form of wealth on earth today is the Holy Spirit. With this knowledge you can immediately begin to see and understand the advantage the believer in Christ has, and the severity of the devil’s deception in making the children of God go after cash which is only an errand boy to other forms of wealth. The other forms of wealth don’t come in any particular order and you may construct your own order of importance but one thing is incontrovertible: the lowest form of wealth is cash and the highest form is the Holy Spirit.

There are three avenues through which the Holy Spirit can become wealth to you, namely: The Anointing, Divine revelation and The Calling of God upon your life (or your destiny). Divine placement and divine selection will result in wealth but you need to understand that all the other forms of wealth will answer to the Holy Ghost.

As a believer, if you do not understand the Holy Spirit as the advantage of the believer you will despise the Holy Spirit and resort to pursuing cash. Most human beings have the idea that wealth is only about cash but it is not so. Cash is the lowest and weakest form of wealth. In the hierarchy of power, money power is also on the lowest rung on the ladder of power. Anointing power is the highest.

The Holy Spirit was given us as our advantage as believers, yet you may say, “I know the Holy Spirit but why am I not wealthy?” It is because you have not honoured Him more than you honour cash. As Christians, you must respect the spiritual forms of wealth more than the physical forms because the spiritual forms create the physical forms.

The Holy Ghost is the greatest form of wealth on the earth; plug in to Him and find out how. The devil has deceived people for too long that cash is the highest form of wealth. People with plenty of cash without the Holy Ghost can lose all they have in a moment. If there is going to be an economic crash, they cannot have the advantage of divine pre-information to prepare for the crash but you can have a divine pre-information in the Holy Ghost and not be part of any economic crash.

The Shunamite woman had proper relationship with the things of the Holy Spirit and when a 7-year famine was imminent, Elisha the Prophet told her to move to another land. Once you understand that you have the Holy Ghost, the highest wealth form in you, you will begin to explore different wealth forms through the Holy Ghost. Do not neglect your advantage and think you are going to have an advantage in the world.

Joseph, a man with the Spirit of God, advised Pharaoh on how to prepare for the upcoming famine. Discretion and wisdom are two forces that the Holy Ghost gives a man and you should fellowship with Him enough to receive these forces into your life. Will you qualify whenever your world needs a man or a woman in whom the Spirit of God is in? It is time for you to enter into a covenant relationship with the Holy Spirit.

When we try to correct undesirable manifestations, many times we do not succeed because we try to correct manifestations without dealing with their root causes. When you are dealing with financial issues, it is important to know that there are things that cause the financial problems and struggles in the lives of people and part of it is the attitude that people sustain.

For example, attitude affects behaviour in marriage, at work places, in life and in your health; attitude also affects behaviours that create health conditions. People do things without even knowing why they do them, because they do not understand that attitudes are slippery.  Someone can find out some very powerful information that can turn his life around for good but because his attitude is wrong, he despises it. You may have read things or heard fantastic statements about attitude, but how have you applied them to yourself?

Your attitude will govern your responses, your behaviour and your manifestations. Your attitude towards wealth will determine whether you can attract it or not, even though you are working for it. What you attract to yourself is not necessarily what you work for, but what you respect. What you attack, you cannot attract.

Here are some of the attitudes that set Christians back financially: The drive to succeed is evil; All I need to succeed in life is a divine encounter; Once I’m satisfied, I don’t bother about the rest; I don’t need financial knowledge; Executive mindset; If you are rich you cannot be like Jesus and so many others. Run away from these attitudes and soar into financial excellence.

There are positive and negative forces that determine generational flows in life. Some people labour through life without results because they are under negative forces; these forces keep militating against them in all areas where their progenitors were defeated in life.

The generational forces are usually more powerful in the succeeding generations. The Bible says they have seven-fold strength (Genesis 4:24).

However, the positive generational flow is much stronger than seven-fold in Christ Jesus (Isaiah 30:26). You need to study how to connect to kingdom flows that bring generational wealth and extend them to those who come after you. The relationships that you keep determine the kind of flows that come into your life. As you journey through life, there are four critical personalities you must take heed to. They are: your boss, your teachers, your father(s) and your mentors. These relationships supply different things into your life and you owe them different things.

Often, people neglect important relationships in their lives and it affects their experiences in life. God plants people on your road to make your journey easier and to facilitate your passage from phase to phase. Your boss/employer is somebody who puts salary in your purse, you owe him/her excellent service. Your teacher puts something in your head, you owe him school fees. Your father puts something in your heart, you owe him honour.  Don’t mismanage true friendships and powerful relationships because there are some things in life that you can neither accomplish with your efforts nor buy with money.

Your boss requires qualitative service from you to give you a salary. You pay school fees and pay attention in class to get education from your teacher. You give honor to your father and you get a moulding for life. Your relationship with a teacher and a boss may be temporary when compared with that of a father and you must know how to receive what they bring into your life’s journey.

The prodigal son mismanaged the critical relationship with his father and ended in poverty. Some people mismanaged their marriages and ended up in divorce, while some mismanaged the love and trust of their spouses only to find themselves emotionally empty after they lost it. Some mismanaged relationship with their children or with their parents. There are things money cannot buy in life; if these critical men withhold those things from you, the shortage in your life will be too evident in your destiny journey.

The prodigal son gives a picture of generational wealth and generational poverty.  Luke 15: 11-12, shows that God gave every man an asset in the journey of life in form of a father and a house. A father should be your first asset in life, knowing that generational wealth or poverty doesn’t begin in adulthood but in childhood. That is why God gives us kingdom fathers to rewrite any wrong that biological fathers have written in the past.

Lord, help me to recognize and honour critical personalities You have placed on the road of my life and destiny in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Lord, I reject every negative flow in my life today! I pray for wisdom to manage God-ordained relationships in my life in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Lord, detach me from every wrong and strange attitude that can pull me down financially in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I reject every negative flow in my life today! I pray for wisdom to manage God-ordained relationships in my life in Jesus’ name, Amen!