[1] Pope On Sexual Abuse: We Showed No Care For The Little Ones
Pope Francis has publicly acknowledged the failures of the Roman Catholic church in dealing with sexual abuse by priests, attacking a “culture of death” and deferential “clericalism” that helps perpetuate evil. An unprecedented letter from “His Holiness Pope Francis to the People of God” was issued after almost a week of mounting pressure following the publication of an excoriating report into abuse by priests in Pennsylvania.

According to a Vatican official, it is the first time a pope has written to all of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics about sexual abuse. The letter opens with an acknowledgement of suffering endured by children and abuse of power. Francis admits the church has failed to “act in a timely manner” and promises zero tolerance and sanctions. “We have realised that these wounds never disappear and that they require us forcefully to condemn these atrocities and join forces in uprooting this culture of death,” he said.

He added: “It is essential that we, as a church, be able to acknowledge and condemn, with sorrow and shame, the atrocities perpetrated by consecrated persons, clerics, and all those entrusted with the mission of watching over and caring for those most vulnerable. Let us beg forgiveness for our own sins and the sins of others.”
[2] Bridge Collapse: Genoa Death Toll  Rises to 43
Rescue workers in Italy have found the bodies of three more people in the wreckage of Genoa's collapsed motorway bridge, bringing the death toll to 43.

Three members of the same family were recovered from a crushed car on Sunday. They were the last people reported missing from Tuesday's tragedy.

A 200m (656ft) section of the Morandi bridge suddenly fell 45m, along with dozens of vehicles in busy traffic. The collapse has led to a fierce debate about Italy's infrastructure.

The company that operated the bridge has set up a fund for victims' families. The government has set up a commission to examine the causes of the disaster. On Saturday Italian President Sergio Mattarella and PM Giuseppe Conte led a state funeral for 18 of the victims in Genoa.

[3]Spanish Police Shoot Algerian Man Dead as He Tries to Attack Officers with Knife Near Barcelona
Man armed with a knife was shot dead by police when he tried to attack officers near Barcelona. Spanish police said the man entered the police station in Cornella, in the north-eastern region of Catalonia, at just before 5 am BST on Monday "with the aim of attacking the agents". A spokesman refused to comment on local media reports that the man was from Algeria and had shouted "Allahu akbar" (God is greatest) during the attack.

The attacker was a 29-year-old Algerian resident in Cornella with Spanish identity documents. "A man armed with a knife entered the police station in Cornella to attack the officers. The attacker was shot," the Catalonia regional police said.

Last Friday, Barcelona commemorated the first anniversary of an Islamist assault in which a young man drove a van down a busy central boulevard, killing 14 and injuring over 100 in Spain's worst attack in more than a decade. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attacks.

[4]Apple’s Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes
Apple's Amsterdam store has been evacuated and temporarily closed after an iPad battery exploded and released potentially harmful substances into the air.

As reported by iCulture, Apple employees secured the iPad and punctured battery in a container of sand after it exploded.

Due to the chemicals potentially released, the store has been closed as firefighters work to ventilate the space and clear out any harmful vapors.

Although not related with this iPad battery explosion, as Apple started its iPhone battery replacement program we've seen a few more incidences like this over the past months.

Like today's incident, fortunately those also didn't see any major injuries, but Apple employees did sustain minor burns.

[5]Years after Mylan’s epic EpiPen price hikes, it finally gets a generic rival
Both products are used in emergency situations to auto-inject a dose of epinephrine into a person's thigh to thwart deadly allergic reactions, namely anaphylactic shock.

In step, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch saw her salary soar by millions, reaching nearly $19 million in 2015-a point lawmakers hammered her for during a House Oversight Committee hearing in September of 2016.

Since then, other makers have made different types of epinephrine auto-injectors, most notably Adrenaclick and the pricy Auvi-Q, but they work differently from EpiPen and can't be used interchangeably like a generic version.

In a statement, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb trumpeted the approval as a win in the effort to drag down skyrocketing drug costs: Today's approval of the first generic version of the most-widely prescribed epinephrine auto-injector in the U.S. is part of our longstanding commitment to advance access to lower cost, safe and effective generic alternatives once patents and other exclusivities no longer prevent approval.

They only provided a written statement: Today's approval of our generic version of EpiPen(epinephrine injection, USP) Auto-Injector 0.3 mg and 0.15 mg in the US marks an important step forward in bringing patients additional prescription medications that have met the FDA's rigorous standards.

[6]Workhorse brings an electric pickup truck, helicopter to Manhattan
I wasn't sure entirely what I expected an electric helicopter to look like, but what I found waiting for me at New York's Flatiron Plaza wasn't it.

(During our conversation, Burns mused about the prospect of using a drone to deliver burgers from a nearby Shake Shack to a 25th-floor balcony on one of the buildings that overlooked the plaza.)

The electric power system also allows the helicopter to lose its large central blade and tail rotors while gaining a drone-like configuration of four arms that end with two counter-rotating propellers.

They're what allow the SureFly to remain stable even if it's got a heavy pilot on one side and no passenger on the other, which forces the pilot-side propellers to work much harder.

The counter-rotation also cancels out the forces generated by the rapidly rotating blades, which eliminates the need for the tail rotor (Burns said getting rid of the tail can cut the overall energy use by up to 20 percent).