Ecc 4:9-12 says two are better than one because they have a good reward...If one falls the other will pick him up.Woe unto him who is alone because when he falls there is no help for him. For the rest of your life you will never fight battles alone....It is easier to achieve success when you are part of a team.

Deut 32: 28 -30 One shall put . 1000 to flight...If one fellow  can achieve victory over . 1000 people, in divine mathematics two people will defeat ten thousand. In Ex 4:10-17 when God was sending Moses to go and face Pharaoh Moses was afraid but God sent Aaron to go with him. When you obtain dominion you will require help to be able to retain the dominion. For Example in Numbers 17: 8-13 Aaron and Hur helped Joshua to win the physical battle against the Amalekites by supporting the hands of Moses to be lifted unto God. When Moses lifted up his hands Israel was winning but when his hands came down as a result of tiredness Israel started losing. So Aaron and Hur were on hand to keep the hands of Moses up.
In 2 Samuel 21:15-17 when David waxed faint during the war against the Philistines, it was Abishai who helped David to kill the Philistine who attacked David.
In Daniel 1:8 Daniel told members of his house fellowship Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego as a team that they should refuse the portion of the King's meat.
In Daniel 2:17-18 when the king threatened to kill all the wise men of Israel for not interpreting his dream, Daniel again went to meet with members of his house fellowship for them to pray together.It is easier to seek after the welfare of members through the House Fellowship. When Daniel was promoted in Daniel 2:48-49 as Chief of the Governors in Babylon, he also recommended the members of his house fellowship, Meshach  Shadrach and Abednego for promotion.
If you allow your children to attend House Fellowship they will not mix with fools. Paul describe those who argue about the resurrection of Christ as fools 1 Cor 15:35-36. According to Prov 13:20 "He who walks with the wise shall be wise but a companion of fools shall be destroyed". Be wise as parents and get your children to be wise by associating with other believers through the house fellowship.

Categories Of Fools
1.Ananias and Saphirra fell into the category of fools. As members of the house fellowship they sold their possession but lied about it.
2. Those who refuse to host house fellowship centres are not wise. In Rom 16:10  Paul acknowledged Arisitobulus and Narcissus for offering their houses as house fellowship centres. Paul also saluted Aquila and Priscilla from whose house the Churches of Asia started. Your house fellowship can become a church in your street. It can be said of you one day that your house is the Headquarters of our Region.
3. In Acts 16:25 Paul and Silas, although they could not go to church because they were imprisoned. But inside the prison they had their house fellowship. As a result of their fervent prayers the prison doors opened for them and they even went ahead to lead the jailer to Christ.

Offer your house for house fellowship to retain your dominion. You must also make it a point of duty to attend house fellowship meetings regularly.

1. Father,  destroy every prison door in my life and that of my neighbours.
2. Father, destroy everything hindering my dominion in the name of Jesus.
3. Father, destroy everything hindering my prosperity.

66th Annual convention Day 2 Message

Theme: Dominion
Speaker:Pst. E. A Adeboye
Text :2 COR. 5:17

New is the opposite of old, it is the opposite of used to be.  Creature is something made from the scratch, not something refurbished,  repainted or copied.

John 3:4-8. A new creature in Christ has no old history.
2cor.4:2 Paul said I wronged no man. The moment you say I do to Jesus,  you are a new creature.

The old man was under the dominion of sin Roman's 6:16. The one you yield yourself to serve you are the servant of that person.  A teacher teaches, a singer sings and a sinner sins.

1) Ezekiel 18:4 The soul that sinneth shall die.

2) Psalms 107:17-18 when you are under the
dominion of sin you are under the dominion of sickness.
Mark 2:1-12

3)When you are under the dominion of sin you are under hardship. Proverbs 13:15

4) 1John 3:8 You are under the control of the devil

5)You are Subject to many sorrows: Plsm 32:12, 16:4.

6)You are subject to constant divine anger. Psalm 7:11. God is angry with the wicked every day.

7) You are subject to fear.  Isaiah 3:11 fear of all kinds especially fear of the future.

*What makes the new creature so wonderful is that he has dominion over sin.  Roman's 6: 6-14.

Saul of Tarsus died on the road to Damascus. When he got up from the ground he was anew man.. Dead with Christ. Suddenly everything changes because now you can't be no longer dominated by the devil. James 4:7

You become a terror.
Mathew 11:28-30 *Hardship is no longer your portion . Failure can't no longer have dominion over you.  Philippians 4:13

Sorrow can no longer have dominion over you. Psalm 32:11.
You have  joy. Happiness and joy is not the same thing.  Happiness is what you have when something happens but joy is like a spring, it comes from the Lord. You begin to enjoy divine love instead of divine anger.
Roman 8:35-37

Your dominion is recognized in Heaven the moment you say I do to Jesus.  John 1:11-12, 2peter 1:4. There are no bastards in the kingdom of Heaven. Revelation 5:8-10. You are a royal priesthood,  you are a king because your father is the king of kings. The devil knows when you are genuinely born again. You are recognized on earth,  in heaven and by the Devil himself.
Ecclesiastes 2:4-10

How to enjoy your dominion
1). Become an incurable soul winner. Go for souls. Bear fruits..

2) Become an incurable restorer of backsliders.
Anyone who is a backslider, go after them until they are back.

3). Use your faith to move your mountain. Mark 11:23. Believe! Do your part of believing and let God do his own part.  It's not your duty to heal the sick, your own is to believe and lay hands. And watch God do the rest.

If you are a new creature you are a believer,  if you are a believer you have faith, and if you have faith nothing can stand between you and your dominion.

Father in the mighty name of Jesus,  I command every obstruction, every mountain to my dominion,  I command you to Move right now in the name of Jesus.

Welcome Service, Day 2 - Evening Session
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye

Bless the Lord.Give  Him glory for the mighty things He has done.

Worship the King of king
Father, if you are giving dominion to two  people only during this Convention, let me be one of them.

We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour

Topic: The new creature

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:17
I'm believing God for you tonight that everything will become new in your life.

New is the opposite of old, opposite of 'used to be. Creature is something made from scratch, not refurbished, repainted or copied

John 3:1-8 Jesus said, "you must be born again." A new creature in Christ has no history,

2 Corinthians 7:2. When the saul of Tarsus met the Lord on the road to Damascus, it wasn't the same man that fell from the horse that got up. A brand new man indeed.

When a lady goes into the church to get married and says the "I do," she isn't the same 'miss' that went in. She is now a married woman.

Should she divorce the man, she won't be called a lady anymore but a divorcee.

The same goes with the man. The moment you go to Jesus, you are now a new creature.

Let the new creature shout hallelujah.

New here implies there was an old.

Romans 6:16 states that you are the servant of the One you yield to. Your nature used to be sin, that made you a sinner because you used to sin. Sickness is an agent of death.

When you are under the Dominion of sin, you are under the Dominion of sickness, Mark 2:1-12, Psalm 107:17-18

When under the dominion of sin, you are subject to hardship, subject to the domination of forces of darkness. - John 8:32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

1 John 3:8 Proverbs 13:15, A sinner is subject to many sorrows Psalms 32:10, Psalms 16:4.

When you are under the dominion of sin, you are subject to constant divine anger.

Psalms 7:11 When you are under the dominion of sin, you are subject to fear of all kinds, particularly of an uncertain future

Isaiah 3:11 What makes being a new creature so wonderful is that you have dominion over sin, Romans 6:6-14. Because you are new creature,everything changes for the best for you. Now, you can no longer be dominated by the devil.

James 4:7. You can even become a terror to the devil.

Matthew 11:28-30, Hardship will no longer have dominion over you.
The moment you become a new creature, the rest of your life will be in joy,

Psalms 32:11.
Joy isn't the same as happiness. It is a spring that flows irrespective of what's going on around you. It's from God. Instead of divine anger, you begin to enjoy divine love which is very much available. The availability of this love births the realisation of Dominion

Romans 8: 35-37 Your Dominion as a new creature is recognized in Heaven the moment you say I do to Jesus Christ

John 1:11-12, As soon as you surrender your life to Christ, you become partakers of the divine nature

2 Peter 1:4, I can boldly say I am a god, I am the true son of the Almighty God. “The child of an elephant is an elephant. The child of a dog is a dog. The child of God is a god”

You shouldn't be afraid to say that too. Let me assure you, there are no bastards in God's family.

Revelations 5:10 The moment you give your life to Jesus, you become a king! Your Father is the King of kings. Your dominion is not just recognised in heaven, it is also recognised in hell. The devil knows when you are genuinely born again or not, Some seven sons of Sceva thought they could use the name of Jesus as Paul did. They got the beating of their lives because their real identities were known. Does the devil know you as a Son of God?  - Acts 19:11-17. You are not only recognized, but angels become your servants. Even on earth, you are to reign on earth

Hebrews 1:1-
What to do to enjoy permanently Dominion?
3 things…. John 15:16

1. Be radical about preaching the gospel of Jesus. May the Almighty make you an incurable soul winner in Jesus' name.

2. Go after backsliders. Every time you lose a member, you diminish your #Dominion. There is power in number.

3. Faith Hebrews 11:6, use your faith to move your mountains.

Mark 11:23.
It is not your duty to heal the sick, just lay hands, believe and go. You are too small to uproot mountains, just believe, and trust God to move the mountains! Wisdom is correct application of knowledge. A new creature is not a reformed or refurbished life, it is not a rebuilt life, it is a new life from the scratch. Only God can make this possible through Jesus. If you are yet to surrender your life to Jesus, this is your opportunity. Surrender to Jesus Christ and become a new creature

Prayer Point

1: Father I command every mountain blocking my way to Dominion to be moved right now
Prayer Point

2: Father: I agree with my neighbor every obstruction to his or her dominion, move now.

Final Blessings for tonight, Father, these are Your children, and in your family, there is no failure and defeat.

Please, don't let them fail again. Let there be no more defeats in their lives.

Before the sun rises, let them enjoy, I agree with you tonight, every obstacle to your joy and dominion are crushed tonight, make us incurable soul winners, help us to restore backsliders.

Visit us in our sleep tonight in the name of Jesus.

Tomorrow will be greater than today in Jesus' name. Let me hear you shout a big dominant Halleluyah!


ANNOUCEMENT: The program continues at the old arena tomorrow, but as from Friday, we move to the new arena.

NUMBER OF BABIES BORN: 50 babies born so far during the convention. 26 boys and 24 girls.

Dirtiest provinces are: Lagos province 10, Plateau 1, Lagos 58
Cleanest provinces are:  Rivers 1, Kano province and Lagos province 8, Edo provinces 2, 6 and 7.

TOPIC: The spirit of excellence

TEXT: Daniel 6:1-3

Prophecy: From today onward, you will know excellence.

There is a link between dominion and excellence. When we compare things in life, we have them in good Gen. 1:1-4, reading further in Gen. 1:31 there is something called better, then in Gen. 2:18 we have the word best.

In the text read, there were 120princes in the state that were good, but the king went a step further and choose three presidents to oversee the 120 princes and these three presidents fell in the better group which among them, Daniel was the team lead which makes him the best, but there was more to him which made him better than them all and that is called EXCELLENCE.

When we talk about best, it is a matter of comparing three things, and sometimes, it doesn’t means something good. Excellence is about something so good that it cannot even be better. There is a link between excellence and dominion.

When we talk about excellence, there are degrees of excellence
One of the ways to know the secret of an excellence spirit is that it keeps getting better and better.

Joseph started off as a good dreamer. Gen. 37:5-11 He had beautiful dreams, and then he moved on from dreaming to interpreting dreams. Gen. 14:1-23 He became an interpreter of other people’s dreams.  Then in Gen. 41, he became the interpreter of a dream that affected his world.

When Joseph was in Potiphars house, he had dominion. Gen. 39: 1-6 He was in charge of all that was going on in Potiphar’s house, but he was a slave a dominant one. And when he got to Pharaoh’s house he was in charge of Egypt as the Prime minister Gen. 41:1-44 Even as the prime minister in Egypt, he was still waiting for something and it came in Gen. 50:15-21
To excel, to really be the dominant one, you need the spirit of excellence. Excellence is a spirit. Deut. 34:9 Joshua was full of excellence and wisdom because Moses had laid his hand on him.

2Kings 2:9-15 Elisha got double portion of excellence spirit from Elijah. Acts 9:10-22 After Paul got converted to Christ and became the most prominent among the apostles, God sent his apostle to lay hand on him to receive his anointing.

Philippians 3:4-14 Paul forgot about the things that were behind and focused on the future. People who have the spirit of excellence are never satisfied with where they are. They always want more, more progress and want to go higher. The appreciate God for all he has done for them, but they always ask for more.

When you have the spirit, you become hungry everyday for more because God has a lot more to give you and you have to keep the fire burning.

When you have the spirit of excellence, you will never stand still.  2Kings 4:1-7 The story of Elisha, 2Kings 4:8-17 He was used by God for different things, but he didn’t stop there, he went back to the mountain to go seek the face of God for more.

2Kings 2:1-15 He became the leader of at most 150 sons of prophet and yet he didn’t stop there, 2 Kings 6:1-7 He went back to the mountain. 2Kings 6:8-23 He left the mountain to become a king in Israel 2Kings 7, 2Kings 13. He was determining the future of Israel before he died.

Joshua 14:6-14 Caleb said to Joshua that he should give him this mountain, He didn’t ask for Ordinary Mountain, but a mountain full of giants. He was ready to deal with them all and eat them for breakfast.

Never be satisfied with being average when you can be dominant, you can be an excellent person. Your vision should be so high that it will take only God to make it come to pass. When you have low vision it makes you come to the house of God to joke. It is because your visions are low that you bring jesters to come entertain you in the house of prayers. Stop insulting God by your request. Stop asking for third hand cars and things when your heavenly Father owns gold’s and silvers, when he made the earth and owns all that are in it. Every child of God is expected to take dominion all over the world.

1. Father, I do not want to be ordinary, I want to be an excellent Christian. Release your excellence spirit upon me.