[1]Deadly Quake Hits Lombok Island Recovering from String of Tremors in Indonesia
Ten people have died in a strong earthquake on Lombok that set off a series of mudslides, cut power across the Indonesian island and damaged more than 150 homes as the community tries to recover from quakes this month that killed more than 450 people.

The shallow magnitude-6.9 quake that hit just after 10pm local time on Sunday was one of multiple powerful earthquakes in the north-east of the island that also caused landslides. It was preceded by a 6.3-magnitude quake in the afternoon and then followed by strong aftershocks. Six of the dead were in the neighbouring island of Sumbawa. The area has suffered more than 100 aftershocks since Sunday night.

The quakes, in the Sembalun district in the north-east of the island, caused panic, but many people were already staying in tents following the deadly quake earlier this month. The national disaster mitigation agency said power was cut across the island, hampering efforts to assess the situation. Some houses and other buildings in Sembalun had collapsed, it said.

[2]Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series
Netflix has confirmed a major change to its video-streaming service, effective as of this week for at least some users: video ads for other Netflix series between episodes.

One initial claim said that "unskippable" ads for the AMC series Better Call Saul appeared between episodes of Rick & Morty and that this ad appeared while using Netflix's smart TV app on an LG set in the UK.

An American Netflix user offered more details for exactly how the ads appear: After the episode ended, I got a screen saying "More Shameless up next... " then the title card slid off screen, and it continued with, "but first check out Insatiable" [a Netflix-exclusive series] and started playing the trailer.

"A couple of years ago, we introduced video previews to the TV experience, because we saw that it significantly cut the time members spend browsing and helped them find something they would enjoy watching even faster," Netflix's statement says.

In response to recent outcry at Reddit's Netflix community, which has largely been negative, Netflix's spokesperson indicated to Ars that the company was mindful of "chatter on social channels" but is focused far more squarely on how users interact with these new video ads.

[3]Magnitude 8.2 Quake Strikes Close to Fiji
A massive quake of magnitude 8.2 struck in the Pacific Ocean close to Fiji and Tonga on Sunday but it was so deep that it was not expected to cause any damage, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.

The U.S. Tsunami Warning Center also said the quake was too deep to cause a tsunami.The quake was 560 km below the Earth which would have dampened the shaking at the surface.

“I would not expect any damage. People will feel it but it's so deep that I would not expect any damage,” USGS geophysicist Jana Pursley said by telephone.

The quake was initially reported as a magnitude 8.0 and then upgraded to 8.2, a magnitude that could cause tremendous damage had it not been so deep.

The epicenter was located 270 km east of Levuka in Fiji and 443 km west of Neiafu in Tonga. The area is located on the earthquake-prone Ring of Fire.