Rick Warren says and I quote, “Life is too short to learn everything by personal experience.” Life skills are the abilities that help to promote mental wekl being and competence in people as they face the realities of life.

Life skills are also defined as psychological abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individual to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Life skills are applied in various aspects of life in human relationships, learning about rights and responsibilities

Life skills are loosely grouped into three broad categories of skills;
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Inter-personal skills

Cognitive Skills: Cognitive skills are used for analyzing and using information

Personal Skills:  Personal skills are used for developing personal agency and managing oneself

Inter-personal Skills: Inter-personal Skills are used for communicating and interacting effectively with others.

Importance Of Inter-personal Skills
  1. It helps individual to develop and nurture supportive networks
  2. It enables one to end relationship constructively
  3. It helps adobehavior
  4. to recognize and to assess the factors influencing attitude and behaviour -values, pressure [ peer, family ]
  5. It is a key to form right attitudes towards life
  6. It assists in developing responsible behaviour
  7. It allows to solve an issue, problem or conflict
  8. It helps to eliminate anger, intimadatio, insubordination, aggressive force or behavior.
  9. It negotiates as soon as possible for communications
  10. It deals constructively with problems

Reponsible Decision Making
What is decision? Decision making is the ability to assess available options. It is also to for see the the consequences of different decisions [ actions/non-action ]. No decision is also a decision. Making decision after examining the choices and consequences in view of one’s  values and goals is responsible decision making.

How To Make A Responsible Decision
  1. Identify/define the problem
  2. Consider the consequences or outcomes
  3. Consider family and personal values
  4. Choose one alternative
  5. Implement the decision
The picture above shows how life skills influences better healthy living.