After a long day work, still yet things are not working out, that means something is missing. What is missing?Our believe, faith, steps and actions are one of the main key to live a glorious life.*Achieving greatness in life is what everybody wishes and dream about every blessed day of their life. Becoming great in life is a Process which is filled with so many try and errors, mistakes that leads to experience. The main issue we face most of the time is we don’t want to make mistakes.

‘Yes’ there are some mistakes which can never be corrected. The true about this is, in becoming and achieving greatness in life you have to make mistakes, face obstacles and challenges, try so many times in other to actualize your dreams and goals. The riches man and woman in the world today made some mistakes and choices which influence their success neither positively or negatively. In achieving greatness, your early 20s is a crucial stage of life which determines how your marriage, home and family you are about to build will look like, at this stage there are certain choice we make which might never be corrected, at this stage millions of youth are victims. They make the wrong choice in choosing their career, life partner etc.

Some people are destiny by their creator to become great through a particular vocation/career/trade/business but their spiritual eyes are blocked so can’t see the glory and love of God for them in their lives. While some are destiny to be great through an helper (destiny helper) but their spiritual eyes, character and attitude towards God and man is bad. Some may be destiny to be great before or after their marriage but their heart will be hardened so they will not be able to see the glory that lies underneath.

Isa 55:6
'Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near’

Prov 8:17-18
‘I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me, Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness’

Now, it’s time for us to do a rethink on the current position we stand at present whether it please our creator and reflect is glory in our lives, relationship, marriage, home and family or not. This is the time we have to seek the face of God in our lives, relationship, marriage, home and family. 'The path of greatness is led by the Lord’ [GB. Joshua] ‘Actualizing your dreams and goal depend on relationship with God and Man’ [GB. Joshua]

Prophetic Prayer Points
Add these Prophetic Prayer Points to your daily routine and experience the mighty hand of God in your life, relationship, marriage, home and family; O Lord, open my spiritual eyes so that I may see your glory