Date: anuary 15, 2018 


Preacher: Dag Heward-Mills

READ: Esther 1:1-22

But the queen Vashti refused to come at the king's commandment by his chamberlains...

Esther 1:12

Vashti was hard, stubborn and unyielding. All her advisers failed to persuade her. She had a strong opinion and no one could change her mind. Perhaps, when the king first chose her to be his queen she came running, willing to do anything and everything. But that day, she could not be moved!

Watch out for those hardened resistant women with the spirit of Vashti.

Your hardness, your stubbornness, your resistance and your refusal to bend are clear signs of pride. That is what makes you a modernday Vashti.

A proud person never says ‘Yes’ when ‘Yes’ is the right answer. A proud person never says ‘No’ when ‘No’ is the right answer. A woman who never bends, never yields, is never gracious, never flows and never agrees, is just another proud Vashti.

How is it that you can never change your mind? What is the use of a mind if it cannot be changed? Indeed, you may say, “Who am I? I am nothing. I am a humble servant of God. I am the Lord’s handmaiden. I am an ant before the Lord.” But your stubbornness and resistance to change reveals that you are actually proud and puffed up. You say nice things about yourself. You declare humility.

You proclaim your goodness and call yourself a daughter of destiny. But you are just like Vashti who could not be moved around by her husband.
You are puffed up like Vashti when you are hard, resistant and unyieldin!

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