Date:  08.01.2018

DEVOTIONAL TYPE:  (Missionary Special)

TOPIC:  “…Why this waste?”
TEXT :   Matthew 26:8

In the year 1956 on January 8th in South America the five young men Jim Elliot, Beet, Nate, Ed McCully and Roger opted themselves to preach the gospel to the Aucas Tribal. There they had been for those Tribal to preach gospel of Christ were killed by those Tribes.  Due to this news, the question arose, “Why for the very least people of Tribes these five young men have to lose their lives?” For this question a note was written by one of the five young men on Dec 18 before their death has the reply for the better note of Nate Saint.  The note reads as, “Christmas festival is very near, the voice of the spoilt is heard in our ears with in few days we are going to meet them.  In case if we don’t return…? We wish to inform our reason for the trip there to the world.  When we had compared this with the will of God we interrogated our self “Is it essential to meet this Barbarians and lose our lives?” “We felt that it is not the needy of thousands.  Yet in the last days’ multitudes of people of various tribes’ communities, castes and tongues had to stand before the throne of judgment has knocked our hearts to claim and own the prophecy as per (Rev.7:9,10).” In that rows of multitudes before the judgement throne we felt that Auca Tribes are being present.  So to make a gate and path to those Auca tribes through visit to the prisoners of Auca Tribes in jail with gospel of Christ to redeem them is our inward urge of our hearts. In that row before the Lord knowing that Auca Tribes are present, we wish to preach the gospel to the prisoners of Auca tribes in the prison and we have to pave a gate for them is our desire which we feel in us is pleasing to God in our hearts.” These are the written contents of the better. 

Further due to non-stop of the sacrificial part of continuous ministry and by the help of those 5 martyred missionary’s wives and others continuous support and efforts to the gospel of Christ among the Auca Tribes many of them were saved.  This truth emphasizes us that ‘whatever we do for Christ does not go waste or vain.’  Yes, whatever we do to preach the gospel and spread the gospel has its rewards and returns.  Even if a cup of water is offered/given to anyone, it won’t be forgotten-confirming the scripture.  Reading this portion of meditation what have you done to spread the gospel? As today’s scripture declares people of all Tribes, people of all languages and multitudes will stand before throne of judgement.  For the redemption of all Tribes, all tongues of people what is your part? Either prayers, your offerings, preaching the gospel or sharing the gospel of Christ to others never go waste! - J. Santhosh