The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has asked the federal government and all security agencies in the country to match words with action and ensure that all those involved in the killing of innocent people in Benue are fished out. The union warned that nobody should be spared in this bid to ensure the country is safe for its people again. It added that the citizens do not have anywhere to run to.TUC lamented the state of Nigeria claiming that the country has become a subject of laughter among other nations especially as it relates to its inability to meet its responsibilities as spelt out in the constitution.

In a statement by Comrade Bobboi Bala Kaigama, its president, as well as Musa-Lawal Ozigi, its secretary general, the union said the swiftness with which the group terrorizing Rivers was tamed recently, shows that the killings in Benue is not going to be a tall task when a marching order is given.

The union said: “We condemn these killings in all its entirety and demand an end to it immediately. We gathered that some have alleged it is a communal clash while others claim the killings were to protest the anti-grazing law passed by Benue state House of Assembly to protect the people’s source of livelihood.

“Our thought is, no matter what the issue is we believe it can be addressed without gruesomely killing innocent people like animals. Women and children have become victims of greed and wickedness. Sometimes, one is tempted to question our humanity!

“Nigeria has become a laughing stock in the comity of nations. In a recent video all over the social media an African leader of thought said: ‘he wants his country to learn from the mistakes of Nigeria and the success of Malaysia’. “It is a spite that at a time Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and a few other African countries are making landmark achievements there is no aspect of our national life that we can manage prudently. “The Trade Union Congress is aggrieved that Nigerians are displaced, dispossessed and treated as destitutes. This phenomenon is man-made and ungodly. It is unfortunate nothing pricks the conscience of many Nigerians any longer.