DATE: Monday 15th/January

TOPIC: The Word sanctified you


How shall a young man make his way pure? By taking heed of your Word. Psalms 119:9 NLT

I once happened to join a youth conference which I was invited not to share but be part to the attendants. I attended the conference because in it, they promise us of great so called women and men of God ready equip and to sharpen us during the conference. The theme of that conference was “How can a young man make his way pure?” and every invited preacher, shared in those lines but to make the long story short, all they shared in the five days of the youth conference was about behavioral modification to youth.

They were all informing the youth on the best ways they should do to avoid fornication, peer groups, avoid internet, avoid movies and soaps, avoid dark corners and bad touches from an opposite sex and many other possible ways which they assumed to have put a right path for the youth. And one thing that amazed me was that, our opening scripture was the theme scripture of that conference and they could read it but not minding on the end of the scripture. All they had to concentrate upon was the question in the verse not considering the answer being given as the best. Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.             

Psalms 119:11 David gives us the right and appropriate answer to the very question of as to how can a young man can keep his ways pure? English has it that; “prevention is more than cure” now hear this very well all youth, parents and guardians, pastors and church leaders in Christ.

Young men and women don’t need certain ways of how to prevent themselves from being impure, for all they need is the cure to purity which is the Word. The Word David writes and says that; “I have hidden God’s Word inside my heart (mind) and the reason as to why the Word is hid inside his heart is that he might not sin against the Lord. The Word is a bullet proof that can keep away anyone from doing wrong before the sight of the Lord as long as it is kept inside the heart. God’s Word is the only solution which make him or her withstand the devil in times of trials. Sanctify them with thy Word; for thy Word is truth. John 17:17 The more you give yourself to the Word, the more you’re sanctified in your mind and the more you’re get transformed by the continuous renewing of the mind, the more you’re always made complete and perfect in righteousness.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the full perfection of your Word in the inside of me, your Word is the best and only way to produce perfection, holiness and purity in the inside of me. Sin can’t dominate me because I have the Word of perfection in the inside of me. The Word is my standard unto perfection. Glory!