Don't start running after men because this is 2018 and time is going. The reason you are still not settled is because you are the one chasing men.  Your desperation is  written all over you that they can perceive it .Don't start it this year. Erase that idea that there are no godly and good men anymore. That's a lie from the pit of hell. So don't try to help yourself by seducing another woman's husband or partner. We don't need hagars anymore! Stop seducing brothers in church. Stop helping them out with their chores and cooking. If he needs a maid,  he will get one. Stop it! Stop visiting without being invited,  we know He is the president of your fellowship , don't bore him with your visits. Stop dressing to kill! Dress up because you love yourself first not because you want someone to notice you. You are complete without a man.  Take your self out, don't wait till you have a partner.

Read books, make friends with people who encourage your walk with God and who value your relationship with God. If they criticise all you do or don't do because of God,  it's time to take a walk. Leave that circle of friends who mock you because you are a virgin or not having sex until you are married . Don't be hurt by their words or action,  they want to be like you but since they can't be like you, they want you to be like them. Stay away from them. You may not have many friends because you seem weird to them, because you don't talk like they talk or wear what they wear. Being different is okay, being weird is okay,  being unique is alright. If the world cannot accept it,  they will adjust.Don't conform.  A time is coming, you will fall in love completely with your weirdness.  I now do!

Stop going to places that is not healthy for you . Don't be seen in places that sends wrong messages and impression about you to people. Don't go to places that can corrupt your destiny. People don't get rape in a concert if they had stayed in their houses.

Don't become a mother before you become a wife. Introduction is not wedding! The bride price got to be paid! Don't go to his house and do wifely duties on credit . Marry a responsible man. Fornication is a sin.  Keep the marriage bed undefiled.

Stop panicking whenever he threatens to break up with you because you refuse to sleep with him before the wedding,  stop begging him to be patient ! Stop crying!  Break the relationship without consulting God or anyone.  God gave you brain , use it! A man who doesn't have a wife should not demand for sex.  Amen!

If you don't know how to cook, learn. Even if you don't like cooked food, I understand you my dear, perhaps you are not from this area but learn it. I don't like cake but I bake. Please sister, dress properly. Stop wearing clothes that makes you look 4times your age. 
Iron your dress.... Treat that skin problem... Use lip balm... If you can't wear heels,  don't force yourself. It's not a criteria to make heaven,  save yourself that embarrassment. Stop following trend... Define your own fashion. Stop envying others! Stop it!!!  Live your life.  Become all God wants you to be. People will envy you , because you have an enviable destiny.
It's allowed!

Grow spiritually.....
Read books .....
Be versatile
Thirst for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and have it this year.
Start fasting.
Start sowing seeds.
Learn a skill.

Pray about everything, start praying for your future husband, home and children . Read the Bible. Stop skimming ,stop being religious and casual. Get God for yourself!  Don't be tossed about by religious doctrine, you didn't give your life to your daddy G. O but Jesus so,  Get God for yourself!  Enjoy your life !🏂