Spiritual works is one of the great pillars of the Celestial faith which pilot us unto fulfilment.  Spirit inspired actions carried out in a way that is beyond human reasoning and imaginations to bring about great results. Spiritual works started back from the garden of Eden to make man a spirit, soul and body in one entity *(Isaiah43:7)*

The reason why many are suffering in the fold and dying before time is that the dimension of revelation is missing as such people miss out in many things. It is impossible for God to lie. Never but why is that things are not happening the way it should be?

Prosperity of spirit, soul and body is that which God promises. Yet many are not experiencing that from *JERIHMOYAHMAH*
Spiritual works are not man's reasoning but the revelation of the means of God to bring about magnificent results. It is a precious package for the peculiar nation of God.

The waters of Marah were bitter, the people could not drink Moses cried unto the Lord, He showed him a tree which he cut of it, cast it into the waters, it was made sweet. There he made them a statute and ordinance giving them a code for delivery in healing and a direction in divine health *(Exodus15:23-26)*

Jericho was in a bad state, the ground was barren and the waters were not useful. Elisha the man of God according to divine instruction used Salt for restoration in the setting *(2Kings2:18-21)*

 Papa SBJO as instructed by the Spirit and it was written that CCC is part of the spiritual, world-wide, united, indivisible Holy Church. The works of divine healing and God's spiritual mark testified that God sent him. He was given miraculous works of  Holy divine healing to be carried out in the name of Jesus so that men will listen to him and follow him as delivered by the winged Angel bathed in intense light on the 29th of September 1947. Part of such spiritual works was employed at the ocean surge in Grandpopo when the use of egg depicting the world and needle the sea with the Angel of waters summoned for the purpose and the sea receeded.

Who has power beyond Jesus Christ? The man born blind he spat on the ground made clay of the spittle, anointed the man to wash in the pool of Siloam, he saw for the first time in his life *(John9:1-11)* The Pharisees said it was blasphemy the man made mention of his encounter. While they see blasphemy in the act of the Lord the man gave glory to God for the blessings he enjoyed.
Also a man having impediment in speech and dumb Jesus spat, put his fingers into his ears and touched his tongue. And looked up into heaven, He sighted and said unto him Ephphatha and he received his miracle *(Mark7:32-37)*
Another case was in Bethsaida, Jesus spit into the blindman eyes, put His hand on him asked him what he saw. He said he saw men walking as trees. The Lord put His hands on him again and the man saw clearly *(Mark8:22-26)* Do Christ not have power to declare that he be healed at once without performing any spiritual work? God work in a mystery.

  Spiritual works are given by revelations for our settlement. They are codes by God to bring solutions.