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JOHN 1:10-13; GALATIANS 5:13-26.
The flesh, by definition, is the negative training your body has received over time before you gave your life to Christ, and everybody has got flesh. Everybody has his personal flesh and you will not walk effectively in the spirit until you have correctly assessed your flesh and its lusts thereof, in order to deal with it and bring it down. John Chapter 1 verses 10- 13 show a few things about the flesh. The flesh has a will, a direction, a desire and a structure for it to work. The flesh has a domain, a kingdom that it wants to function and rule in. Left to the will of man and the flesh of man; salvation would have been drawn out in another way apart from Jesus dying on the cross. Some people would have preferred that we buy salvation. So it means that the flesh is not of God, things that issue out of flesh are not coming from God and they will take you away from God. Walking in the spirit is the solution to the works of the flesh. Galatians 5 goes on to tell us, “The work of the flesh are manifest which are these...” The flesh manifests and the spirit also manifests.  It takes the same effort to yield to the flesh that it takes to yield to the spirit. As you step out today, mortify the flesh and yield to the leading of the spirit to enjoy all that God has for you.

PRAYER: Lord, I yield my members to the operations of the Holy Spirit today. I will not be a slave to the flesh again. Holy Spirit my Helper, take hold with me to do the will of God today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

BIBLE IN A YEAR: Genesis 16:1-18:15, Matthew 6:1-24, Psalm 7:1-17, Proverbs 2:1-5