```Retreats are part and parcel of the spiritual growth of a believer.
It is risky to begin and end seasons of your life in the flesh; they should be the most spiritual times of your life.

How to Maximize Retreats.
1. Be exclusively alone with God. There are certain things God will never tell you in public.
2. Dedicate quality time of at least two days.
3. You must be honest, unashamed and very sincere before God.

Activities to be carried out.

1. Thanksgiving: your end of year retreat is barren of God's power until you lavishly communicate thanksgiving. Let your thanksgiving be detailed and meticulous; forgetting not His benefits.

2. Review your progress for the year, breaking it into these units:

-Spiritual life: this is measured by your passion for God, the illumination of the Word accessed and character.

-Mental development and capacity: this is measured by how much you've cooperated with the Word to improve your life, and set you in the cutting edge of society. 

-Health and physical wellbeing: You must first realize your body belongs to God and it is needed to function in this realm. Review how much detailed attention was paid to taking care of your body.

-Your Assignment and Purpose: This is measured by how much progress as been made as regards God's communication of purpose to you. You can ascertain this by your Kingdom service.

-Finances: Financial pursuit was not designed to be a lifetime pursuit. You must analyse how much engagement of financial principles you've done, versus the results you've achieved. 

-Relationships (of all kinds): The kinds of access you give to individuals determine your level of wisdom and productivity. 

3. Plan for 2018.

Set clear goals with scriptural authorities in the 6 areas reviewed. The scriptural reference is the basis for committing God. 

Also, there must be a time target for accomplishing these goals to put healthy pressure on you. Not every time is conducive for every goal. 

4. As a family of faith, we all are encouraged to study the Book of Proverbs. Read with the goal of gaining understanding. 

5. Based on your level of revelation and understanding, have a sacrificial seed wrapped with specific expectations. This is done to engage the mystery of sacrifice in securing the next year.

Have a productive time in God's Presence.```