Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Topic: Victory over sickness and disease
Text: Ex. 15:26

My head, my shoulder, my knees, my toes (3x);
They all belong to Jesus!

 God is keenly interested in our bodies: 1 Thes. 5:23, Rom. 12:1,1 Cor. 6:19 Hence, the devil is excited when we believe it doesn't belong to God; we fail to realize that the body of a child of God is the property of God, not just the spirit and soul. This brings upon us a responsibility - we have to be careful how we use the body. It is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Ten reasons why our bodies will be made whole:
1. He made us.
Isa. 64:8
 Gen. 1:26-31
Luk. 6:6-10
Just one Word from the One who made the hand, and the withered hand was made whole.
Jer. 8:3-4

2. He can handle genetic problems, too. He made our parents and He formed us before we were born.
John. 1:1-3
Jer. 1:4&5
Ps. 90:1&2

3. He can handle cases that are beyond medicine. He heals, while doctors care. He is not a doctor.
Jer. 22:37
Mark 5:25-34

4. What if the problem is as a result of sin? He is the One that forgives, cleanses and heals. He is the Saviour.
Ps. 107:17-20
Matt. 1:21
1 John 1:7
Mark 2:1-12

5. He is sovereign, but gracious and merciful.
Ps. 115:3
John 5:2-9
Ps. 86:15
Lam. 3:22-23
Mark 1:30-41

6. He still hears prayers, answers them and is able to do more than you ask for. 
Ps. 65:2
Jer. 33:3
Eph. 3:20
Mark 10:46-52

7. He needs us, to serve Him, be a witness for Him, to bring Him glory.
Matt. 8:15&16
Mark 1:40-45
John 9:1-7
God can be glorified in our healing and not our sickness
Isa. 38:18-19

8. The time to favour us has come
John 5:2-9
Ps. 102:13

9. Our faith may not be enough, but we can agree in faith and He will honour our faith.
Mark 2:1-12

10. Whether we believe it or not, God still loved us. When He loves someone, He sees to it that the person is healed.
John 15:19
John 11:1-4
John 3:16

Prayer Points:
- Father, thank You for loving and healing me.
- Almighty Healer, prove Yourself in my life tonight.
- Father, just have mercy on me.
- Father, my body is Yours. Every plant, sickness, disease, charm, stranger You have not planted in this body, uproot tonight. 
- Father, whatever needs to be repaired in this body, repair it tonight. Whatever cannot be repaired, replace it tonight. 
- Father, I am in total agreement with all my neighbours here tonight, heal them all.
- Father, give tonight brand new wombs, brains, eyes, kidneys, hearts, and other organs.