I feel so sorry for  Arsenal ex star, Emmanuel Eboue. 

His is a classic case of riches to poverty all because of his choice of a marriage partner and ,I think, illiteracy. 

He left his financial management entirely to his ex wife. The woman used to bring documents for him to sign and he would sign without even bothering to know what he was signing. He trusted his wife. A very blind trust. According to the Sun of UK, every visit to his bank used to be with his ex  wife, Aurelie-a white woman. There were times that the woman would even come with bank documents and bank workers to Arsenal training ground asking Ebuoe to sign. Ebuoe signed everything. Little did he know he was signing away his life. 

He was rich. Lived in the choicest part of London. Bought many houses and properties, cars.. all the good things of life. 

After 7 years playing in England ,he moved to Turkey where he played for Turkish giants -Galatasaray. There, he started feeling the effects of the documents he had been signing . Of his 7 million pounds income, he would wire 6million pounds, by contract, back to his wife in England. 

When his contract expired in Turkey, Eboue returned to England and was booked to play for Sunderland last season. But just then ,he suffered a one year ban from FIFA as a result of dispute with his agent. I suspect that this dispute was as a result of not being able to meet his contractual financial obligations to the agent. If you send 6 million out of your 7 million pounds salary to your wife, how much will be left to pay your agent?

As a result of the FIFA ban ,Eboue became jobless and his wife moved quickly. She filed for divorce. As a result of the documents she had been giving her husband to sign, the court ordered  Ebuoe to forfeit everything to her. I  mean everything. All the money in all his bank accounts. All his houses and properties anywhere in the world. Cars. assets. Everything. A Contract is a contract, whether you read it or not. All that matters is the signature. 

The divorce is now complete. Now ,Ebuoe is penniless and homeless . He now sleeps in his friend's parlour in London. No car. Not even one. And he is jobless. Not earning any money. Worst of all, he no longer has any link or communication with his 3 children he had with his ex wife. 

He says there is no day he doesn't think of suicide. 

Things have completely fallen apart.