1. Less than 10% of the universities have Video Conferencing facility. 2. Less than 20% of the universities use Interactive Boards. 3.More than 50% don’t use Public Address System in their lecture OVERCROWDED rooms/theatres.4. Internet Services are non-existent,or epileptic and slow IN 99% of
Nigerian Universities .5. Nigerian Universities Library resources are outdated and manually operated. Book shelves are homes to rats/cockroaches.6.No university library in Nigeria is fully automated. Less than 35% are partially automated. 7. 701 Development projects in Nigerian universities 163 (23.3%) are abandoned 538 (76.7%) are PERPETUALLY on-going projects. 8. Some of the abandoned projects in Nigerian universities are over 15 years old, some are over 40 years old. 9. 76% of Nigerian universities use well as source of water, 45% use pit latrine, 67% of students use bush as toilet.10. UNN and UDUS have the highest number of abandoned projects (22 and 16 respectively). 11. All NDDC projects across universities in Niger Delta States are abandoned. About 84.6% of them are students’ hostels.12. 77% of Nigerian universities can be classified as "Glorified Primary Schools" Laboratories are non existing.13. There are 8 on-going projects at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi. None of them is funded by the State Government.14. 80% of Nigerian Universities are grossly under-staffed.15. 78% of Nigerian Universities rely heavily on part-time and visiting lecturers.16. 88% of Nigerian Universities have under-qualified Academics.17. 90% of Nigerian Universities are bottom-heavy (with junior lecturers forming large chunk of the workforce).18. Only 2% of Nigerian Universities attract expatriate lecturers, over 80% of Ghanian Universities attract same.19. 89% of Nigerian Universities have ‘closed’ (homogeneous staff – in terms of ethno-cultural background).20. Based on the available data, there are 37,504 Academics in Nigerian Public Universities .21. 83% of the lecturers in Nigerian universities are male while 17% are female. 22. 23,030 (61.0%) of the lecturers are employed in Federal universities while 14,474 (39.0%) teach in State Universities. 23. The teaching staff-students ratio is EMBARRASSINGLY very high in many universities: 24. LECTURER STUDENT RATIO: National Open University of Nigeria 1:363 University of Abuja 1:122 Lagos State University 1:111.  25. (Compare the above with Harvard 1:4; MIT 1:9; Yale 1:4, Cambridge 1:3; NUS 1:12; KFUPM 1:9; Technion 1:15). 26. Nigerian Universities Instead of having 100% Academics having PhDs, only about 43% do so. The remaining 57% have no PhDs.27. Nigerian University medical students trained in the most dangerous environment, some only see medical tools in books.28. Only 7 Nigerian Universities have up to 60% of their teaching staff with PhD qualifications.29. While majority of the universities in the country are grossly understaffed, a few cases present a pathetic picture.30. There are universities in Nigeria which the total number of Professors is not more than Five (5). 31. Kano University of Science and  Technology Wudil, established in 2001 (11 years old) only 1 Professor and 25 PhD holders. 32. Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, established in 2006 has only 2 Professors and 5 PhDs. 33. Ondo State University of Sci & Tech Okitipupa, established in 2008, has a total of 29 lecturers.34. MAKE-SHIFT LECTURING SYSTEM: Out of a total of 37,504 lecturers, only 28,128 (75%) are engaged on full-time basis.35. 9,376 (25%) Nigerian Lecturers are recycled as Visiting, Adjunct, Sabbatical and Contract lecturers. 36. In Gombe State University, only 4 out of 47 Profs are full-time and all 25 Readers are visiting.37. In Plateau State University, Bokkos, 74% of the lecturers are visiting. 38. In Kaduna State University, only 24 out of 174 PhD holders are full-time staff.39. 700 EX-MILLITANTS in Nigeria are receiving more funds anualy than 20 Nigerian universities under 'Amnesty Scam'. 40. 80% of published journals by Nigerian University lectures have no visibility in the international knowledge community.41. No Nigerian academic is in the league of Nobel Laureates or a nominee of Nobel Prize.42. There are only 2 registered patents owned by Nigerian Academics in the last 3 years.43. Numerically more support staff in the services of Nigerian universities than the teaching staff they are meant to support.44. More expenditure is incurred in administration & routine functions than in core academic matters in Nigerian Universities.45. There are 77,511 full-time non-teaching staff in Nigeria’s public universities 2 Times number of academic staff. 46. University of Benin, there are more senior staff in the Registrar cadre (Dep. Registrars, PARs, SARs) than Professors.47. Almost all the universities are over-staffed with non- teaching staff.48. There are 1,252,913 students in Nigerian Public Universities. 43% Female 57%Male.49. There is no relationship between enrolment and the tangible manpower needs of Nigeria..50. Nigerian Uni Horrible hostel facilities, overcrowded, overstretched lavatory and laundry facilities, poor sanitation,etc. 51. Except Nigerian Defence Acadamy Kaduna, no university in Nigeria is able to accommodate more than 35% of its students.52. Some universities (e.g. MOUAU),female students take their bath in d open because d bathrooms are in very poor condition.53. Laundries and common rooms in many universities have been converted into rooms where students live, in open prison style.54. In most improvised cage called hostels in Nigerian Universities, there is no limit to the number of occupants..55. Most State universities charge commercial rates for unfit and unsuitable hostel accommodation.56. In off-campus hostels, students are susceptible to extraneous influences and violence prostitution, rape, gang violence.57. Nigerian University Students sitting on bare floor or peeping through windows to attend lectures.58. Over 1000 students being packed in lecture halls meant for less than 150 students.59. Over 400 Nigerian University students being packed in laboratory meant for 75 students. 60. University administrators Spend millions to erect super-gates when their Libraries are still at foundation level; Expend millions to purchase exotic vehicles for university officers even though they lack basic classroom furnishings; Spend hundreds of millions in wall-fencing and in-fencing when students accommodation is inadequate and in tatters; 61. Govt interested in spending money on creation of new uni instead of consolidating and expanding access to existing ones; Keen to award new contracts rather than completing the abandoned projects or standardizing existing facilities; Expend hundreds of millions paying visiting and part-time lecturers rather than recruiting full-time staff.62. Govt spending hundreds of millions in mundane administration cost instead of providing boreholes and power supplements; Govt hiring personal staff, including Personal Assistants, Special Advisers, Bodyguards, Personal Consultants.

Graduate Trainees Recruitment for Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc.Criteria:
 1) First degree in various disciplines (Social Sciences, Engineering and Sciences 2) Minimum of second class lower for university graduates and upper credit for polytechnic graduates. 3) Not older than 28 years by year-end 2017 .4) Must have completed mandatory NYSC year
Qualified? Kindly send your CV to

During tough situations or tough times, its often easy for people to give up, especially when things looks impossible. But i say, dont give up! You are not ordinary; u are born of God, you have the life of God in you & the greater one lives inside u (1John 4:4). He will make a way where seems to be no way; He works in ways we cannot see . All u have to do is to trust Him to get u through on whatever the situation u are facing. God never fail, He guides & protect His own. He is our shepherd, He will lead us to green pastures & anoint our head with oil in the presence of our enemies. If one door closes, He opens another. Know this, we serve a supernatural God. He makes the impossible, possible. There is no limit to what you can do when you are in Christ, just do what uyoubelieve as a believer & God will do the rest.

ROMANS 16:19(KJV)For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.Our obedience to the gospel of Christ by accepting Jesus Christ as our sole Lord, is a full prove that we are full of obedience for the Lord; the obedient children of God. Once the Lord communicates His desire or will to us, we just obey because our spirits is always in agreement with His Spirit. We are set to always please the Lord, because we have an obedient nature. As saints, we don't have conflicts within when the word of God comes to us, we just do as He says. Paul in Ephesians 2:2 refers to unregenerated men as the children of disobedience. Disobedience is only associated with the people of the world who haven't responded to the love of God, and evidently we are not of the world because we obeyed God's word in faith and are now His obedient children. In our living as obedient saints, we do good works, because it is a fruit of our nature. The wisdom at work in us only functions in the realm of righteousness and can never be associated with evil. This is what our Heavenly Father expects of us, and that's exactly how we live here on earth. Our living is a full prove to all men that we are totally obedient to our Lord Jesus. As obedient saints, the Father is always pleased with us, because we always obey and satisfy His heart. Our ultimate goal is always to see the heart of the Father satisfied.Hallelujah! DECLARATION:I am the obedient child of God. I always satisfy the Father's heart as I do His will. I am not associated with disobedience because the Holy Spirit in me has taught me so things for my living. Glory to the Lord God Jesus.A lot of these so called Christians are hypocrites ,yes that's true but can we all read this,thank you .A lady went to her and said. I won't be attending Church anymore.He said, may I ask why? She said, I see people on their cell phones during service, some are gossiping, some just ain't living right, they are all just hypocrites. The Pastor got silent, and he said, OK... But can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision? She said, what's that? she asked He said, take a glass of water and walk around the Church 2 times and don't let any water pour out of the glass.She said, yes I can do that. She came back and said it's done. He asked her these questions: 1. Did you see anybody on their phone? 2. Did you see anybody gossiping? She replied See, I didn't see anything because I was too focused on this glass, so the water wouldn't fall or pour. He told her, when you come to Church , you should be like that  just stay focused on God , so that YOU don't fall. THAT'S WHY JESUS SAID "FOLLOW ME,"He did not say follow Christians.

FEATURING - Drama as Pastor Adeboye kisses, lauds wife:
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, created a scene at the Youth Centre of the Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, on Tuesday, when he kissed his wife, Folu Adeboye, on the stage during a book presentation in his honour. Adeboye, who expressed surprise at the occasion, said he would have stopped the project if he knew about it, adding that he was undeserving of the honour.Present on the occasion were Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo; former President Olusegun Obasanjo; Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo; and the General Overseer, Trinity House, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo. Folu told the audience that she hid information about the book from her husband for one year, adding that she planned it to coincide with his 75th birthday. While standing with Adeboye on the stage, together with their four children, she said her hubby was only informed about the event a day before.The Master of Ceremonies teased Folu to tell the audience the pet names she gave her husband, demanding an expression of love since the occasion also marked 50 years of their marriage.“Pastor ID, why are you fast? This is just presentation of a book, not marriage anniversary. Whatever you want, I will do it…,” she replied, as she hugged the husband and went on to kiss him as the audience erupted in excitement.Adeboye, in his remark, expressed surprise at the book presentation, which was written by 40 people.He said, “The event of today, without any doubt, has been a great surprise to me. This is because my wife hid it from me, and we don’t normally hide anything from each other, because we have been married for 50 years and we are still on honeymoon.

“Why the event is a surprise to me is that God also hid it for me. I had no inkling at all from my Daddy that something like this is happening. If God hid it from me, it must mean that He approved of it. My wife knows that if I had any idea about what is happening today, it will never happen. I would have stopped it long ago because who am I without Jesus Christ? If there is anyone to be celebrated, it should be Him. “People say I am humble, but people need to know where I am coming from. I cannot say I have any ability or wisdom. Everything has been the Lord Himself. When I was about 40 and I saw grey hairs on my head, I wondered why and God said I was carrying a burden that was not mine.“God said, ‘I am just using you as camouflage. People need to see someone. So, I am putting you forward so that I can do the work from behind.’ So, everything that is happening in RCCG, nothing is of Adeboye at all; it is all about God. So, for you to say you are writing a book about somebody that is nothing, someone who has almost zero beginning, from a poor family and passed through secondary school by God’s grace.  For God to allow today to happen without telling me, it can only be that He wants to draw your attention to Himself that if you allow Him, He will do great things, using you as camouflage.”Adeboye said it was a miracle he was at the occasion as he had slept one hour a night during the seven-day convention of the church which ended on Sunday.

While appreciating people who wished he lived long, he said he would die when his assignment was over.“All those who prayed for me to be 80, I said amen. Those who said 90, I said amen to them, but those who said I would be 100, I did not answer them. Then someone said I would live to 120 and I said what would God say I did wrong to keep me for another 50 years? I will go as soon as I finish my assignment,” he added.The cleric lauded his wife for always standing by him, saying she was the greatest gift he had aside from the Holy Spirit.While recounting a year when they both fasted for 40 days three times over an issue, Adeboye said his wife refused to back out when he asked her to stop.“If you can find a woman that can stand by you with 40 days of prayer and fasting, first, second, third time and willing to go with you as long as possible, then I will classify your wife as second to mine. Without my wife, I cannot be  doing what I am doing today,” he said.The cleric later presented his four children to the gathering, describing them as God’s gifts to his family. Earlier, former President Obasanjo had narrated how he consulted Adeboye before accepting to run for President in 1999. He said after meeting Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu in South Africa, who encouraged him to go ahead, he sought counsel from Adeboye. He said, “For doing nothing, I was sent to prison. I came out of prison, and some people came running after me to contest to be President of Nigeria. I wondered that the one I did before, what did I get out of it? Prison! And now, you want me to do another one, that will be double prison. “And when you are at crossroads, you need the direction of God to know which way to follow. I prayed and fasted and wasn’t satisfied. I decided to go to South Africa to meet people I had high regard for: Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Mandela said I should follow my instinct. Tutu said I should not be tired of serving my people.“I came back home to see pastor. And I told my story. We prayed and he said you can go, when God tells me what I should tell you, I will call for you. I was surprised that Mandela and Tutu gave me answers on the spot, but he said I should go. When will God tell him?“A couple of weeks or thereabouts, I was sent for and he said God had said I should go ahead. If there was any doubt in my mind, all were gone.“I picked my Bible to read while returning home and it was the Book of Esther that I opened. I saw where Esther was told that maybe it is because of this that God has brought you here.” Obasanjo, who noted that politicians were supposed to influence the lives of the masses positively, said Pastor Adeboye had done more than politicians in this regard.He said, “As politicians, we are supposed to touch lives, but, for Pastor Adeboye, he has touched more lives than politicians. He has been a man of God with a difference, whom I benefited from personally when I was consulting to contest the 1999 election.” He added that it was the wife of the General Overseer that invited him, without the knowledge of the husband, asking that Adeboye should forgive them for this.Obasanjo said, “I was told not to reveal my coming here by Mummy (Adeboye’s wife). How can I come to you without calling you? But, that was the instruction. Until I am in this hall, I never see anything about this programme. That means we have committed sins by keeping this secret from you and we seek for forgiveness from you and I am sure we have been forgiven. “While I was in prison, Abacha had said three of us–myself, Shehu Yar’Adua, MKO Abiola, none of us will come out alive. Two of them did not come out of prison alive, but I came out. Not because I was clever, good and upright. It was all because of the grace of God. Sir, I thank you for helping me to make the right decision at that crucial time of my life. He, who does not respect this man, does not respect God. The Acting President, Osinbajo, who was Adeboye’s protocol officer, said he accepted to run as the Vice-President after the cleric asked him not to reject the nomination.

Osinbajo, who also defended Adeboye’s use of private jet because the RCCG was in more than 180 countries of the world, second to Coca-Cola with branches in 200 countries, cited three different instances when the pastor influenced his life positively.He said his passport had been stolen in South Africa for about three months when Adeboye prayed for him and the thief returned it when he had lost all hope. The Acting President said about a month later, his second daughter, who was ill and at the point of death was healed after a prayer by the cleric.“Of course, many know that I am not a politician and I was not a politician when I was nominated to be the vice-president. What I told those who approached me was that I would speak with two people-my wife and daddy (Adeboye). People around me said he would say no. I was also quite certain that he would say ‘Don’t bother or let us just think about it’. But I was surprised when he told me that if I was nominated, I must accept it. He was categorical about it,” he added

2Jn 1:2 KJV  For the truth's sake, which dwelleth in us, and shall be with us for ever.
John the apostle writing to the believers makes a very striking statement. He said, "...the truth...dwelleth in us, and shall be with us for ever." The truth abides in us. Glory to God. This is the reality about our life in Christ.Truth means reality. There's truth and there's fact. Facts are the evidence around you but the truth is the reality. For example, it may be a fact that you are sick. The doctors can certify this fact. Their equipments may detect the disease. You may even manifest the symptoms in your body. But if you are a child of God, the truth is that you are healed. The truth is founded on God's word. The word says, "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed" *(1Pe 2:24). This is more than a fact: it's the truth. You are healed. And John said this truth abides in us. The facts may be around you but truth is resident in you. And the facts cannot change the truth. Everything may fail around you but learn to live from within you. Our opening text says the truth "shall be with us for ever." Hallelujah! So refuse to look around. Live from within. Let the abiding truth in you overpower the facts around you. And you accomplish this by getting to know the truth from God's word, and meditating on it! Glory to God! Confession: I live from within. Christ is my life. My environment cannot dictate my pace in life. Success is in me. Increase abides in me. Am the healed and blessed of the Lord. I live a glorious life. I operate from the truth.

For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man (Ephesians 3:14-16).Once, I was talking to someone who said to me, “I think I’m weak inside.” The reason he thought so was because he realized that in many things in life, he lacked convictions. He didn’t seem to have the will or courage to stand for anything. When he didn’t like something, he couldn’t resist it, because he had inner fears. But when you know the Holy Spirit, things are different; you’re tough on the inside. Our opening text is the Spirit’s prayer through Paul for the Church at Ephesus. He prayed that they’d be strengthened with might by the Holy Spirit in their innermost being; He wanted them to have inner strength, because not many are strengthened from within. The same prayer is a great blessing for us today, since it’s the will of God. God wants you to be strengthened with might by the Holy Spirit in your inner man.You don’t have to pray again that He should strengthen you, or complain about lack of strength; rather, respond to His Word by declaring that you’re strengthened from within! If you’ve been unable to make serious decisions in life, because of fear and timidity, this is what you need. Stand in front of the mirror, point to the image on the other side and say, “You’re tough inside! You’re courageous, bold and sound! You’re invigorated with miracle-working ability in  your inner man.”Refuse to allow anyone describe you as weak or feeble. Your strength isn’t of this world; it’s from the Spirit who lives in you. Therefore, you’re up to any task; you’re bold and strong inside, because the greater One lives in you.PRAYER: Dear Father, I thank you for you've strengthened me from within; therefore, every form of weakness and fear is gone from me.  I'm strengthened with the strength of God, and with joy, I draw water from the wells of salvation , because the joy of the Lord is my strength. Amen.

The Meaning of Conversion:
 If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17, The old nature, born of blood and the will of the flesh, cannot inherit the kingdom of God. The old ways, the hereditary tendencies, the former habits, must be given up; for grace is not inherited. The new birth consists in having new motives, new tastes, new tendencies. Those who are begotten unto a new life by the Holy Spirit, have become partakers of the divine nature, and in all their habits and practices they will give evidence of their relationship to Christ. When men who claim to be Christians retain all their natural defects of character and disposition, in what does their position differ from that of the worldling? They do not appreciate the truth as a sanctifier, a refiner. They have not been born again. A genuine conversion changes hereditary and cultivated tendencies to wrong. The religion of God is a firm fabric, composed of innumerable threads, and woven together with tact and skill. Only the wisdom which comes from God can make this fabric complete. There are a great many kinds of cloth which at first have a fine appearance, but they cannot endure the test. They wash out. The colors are not fast. Under the heat of summer they fade away and are lost. The cloth cannot endure rough handling. So it is with the religion of many. When the warp and woof of character will not stand the test of trial, the material of which it is composed is worthless. The efforts made to patch the old with a new piece do not better the condition of things; for the old, flimsy material breaks away from the new, leaving the rent much larger than before. Patching will not do. The only way is to discard the old garment altogether, and procure one entirely new. Christ's plan is the only safe one. He declares, "Behold, I make all things new." "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature." . . . The patchwork religion is not of the least value with God. He requires the whole heart. Jesus gave His life . . . for us, and shall we not give Him our best affections, our holiest aspirations, our fullest service?

Psalms 91:1 ;He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalms 91:2 ;I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.A cub; baby lion, wandered away from its den one faithful day without the escort or permission of the lions in its den.Usually, whenever they wanted to go out of the den, they go out in groups and in company of bigger lions. All the while they never encountered any challenge or obstacle in all their outings. But on this faithful day the cub went out alone, not too far away, it was confronted by some hyenas. A little while later, the absence of the cub was noticed in the den and a search party was sent out to look for it. Already the cub was under threat and attack from the hyenas but as the hyenas sighted the pride of lions approaching them, they fled and the cub was saved that day. Imagine what would have happened had it been the bigger lion's didn't show up, the cub would have been devoured. Now the devil goes around daily seeking for the slightest opportunity to devour straying children of God, but our text today says; he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide user the shadow of the Almighty. Where is your dwelling place? In the presence of God lies your protection from every danger awaiting you outside His presence. The lion is the king of the jungle, but its children are not feared by other animals as much as it is feared because of the weakness of the young lions, but no matter how small a cub is, as long as it is in the presence of a bigger lion it is feared also. Why? Because of the presence of the bigger lion. Can I tell you that, outside the presence of God, beloved, the devil isn't afraid of you. Infact, he is patiently waiting to catch you outside God's presence to oppress and afflict you. Where are you dwelling? Are you dwelling outside God's presence or in His presence? In case you have wandered away like the cub above, it's time to return back to God's presence because your health, security and everything concerning you is ensured, preserved and guaranteed in His presence under His watch. DWELL IN HIS PRESENCE ALWAYS! YOU'RE BLESSED!

1. Jérémie 1:19 : "Ils vont lutter contre vous, mais ils échoueront. Car je suis avec vous, et je vais prendre soin de vous. Moi, le Seigneur, j'ai parlé !" ce qui signifie : Si vous mettez la foi en Dieu, vous pouvez vivre chaque jour avec la paix et le réconfort. Mettre votre foi en Dieu signifie que vous croyez qu'il va travailler pour votre bien. Si les choses ne se passent pas comme prévu, il va vous attraper et de vous fournir. Il y a la paix en sachant que votre Père céleste est à la recherche pour vous. Si vous voyez une dure journée vous attend demain, il suffit de s'appuyer sur Dieu et le votre s'inquiète pour lui et votre journée sera très différent. 2. Deutéronome 4:35-36 pour vous, il a été démontré, que vous pourriez réaliser et avoir une connaissance personnelle que le Seigneur est Dieu, qu'il n'y a point d'autre. Du ciel, il vous a fait entendre sa voix, qu'il pourrait corriger, de la discipline et de l'admonestation ; et, sur la terre, il vous a fait voir son grand feu, et tu as entendu ses paroles du milieu du feu. Signification : Manque de connaissances entraîne la peur, et la connaissance la supprime. Connaissances vous aideront à avoir confiance. Si vous allez pour une entrevue d'emploi, assurez-vous que vous êtes préparé et avoir toutes les connaissances dont vous aurez besoin avec vous pour répondre aux questions de l'intervieweur peut vous demander. Nous vivons aujourd'hui dans un monde où la connaissance est aussi près que votre ordinateur. Non seulement vous pouvez faire des recherches en ligne sur l'entreprise que vous êtes à l'application, mais vous pouvez trouver des conseils sur la façon d'avoir une entrevue réussie. Seigneur, m'équiper avec les connaissances que j'ai besoin d'avoir confiance et qui mène au succès. Me point à ce que j'ai besoin de savoir pour être efficace pour vous. Amen. 3. Jacques 2:1 "Mes chers frères et sœurs, comment pouvez-vous prétendre avoir foi en notre glorieux Seigneur Jésus Christ si vous en faveur de certaines personnes par rapport à d'autres ?" Ce qui signifie : si nous voulons vraiment suivre Dieu, il est important de ne pas être préjudice contre certains et montrer de favoritisme à l'égard d'autres. Nous allons montrer du respect à tous, indépendamment de leur profession, de leur race, de leurs capacités, ou la situation financière. Dieu aime tout le monde, qui sommes-nous pour traiter les gens différemment ? On peut remarquer un changement dans notre vie quand nous respecter tout le monde.4. Ephésiens 6:11 Revêtez l'Armure de Dieu, pour être en mesure de tenir ferme contre les ruses du diable. Signification : Dieu n'a pas besoin de vous pour vaincre le diable aujourd'hui. Jésus l'a déjà fait et vous donner la victoire. Votre part est de faire respecter la victoire par là votre sol, ce qui est la victoire au sol. En d'autres termes, vous "lutte" de victoire au sol en position debout. Vous ne devez pas lutter pour la victoire. Mon ami, vous êtes déjà sur la victoire au sol. Vous avez déjà tout ce qu'en Christ. Vous êtes déjà bénis de toute bénédiction spirituelle dans le Christ. Le diable sait cela. Et c'est pourquoi sa tactique est pour vous tromper et vous faire croire que vous n'avez pas la victoire.
5. 1 Pierre 1:13 "c'est pourquoi ceignez-les reins de votre entendement, soyez sobres, et reste votre espoir complets sur la grâce qui est d'être présenté à la révélation de Jésus Christ." Signification : L'Apôtre Pierre donne un enseignement intemporel à quiconque est né de nouveau. Il dit "…ceignez les reins de votre esprit…". Les reins est très pertinente d'une partie du corps qui se trouve dans la région abdominale. Pour ceindre moyen de brace up. Si l'Apôtre Pierre dit simplement qu'à vous et je "…brace up et garde le siège de votre imagination. Les reins de votre esprit est très critique à votre progrès dans la vie. N'oubliez pas, quoi que vous laissez dans ce devient votre expérience. Vous avez la responsabilité de protéger. Si votre imagination est constamment laissés sans surveillance, ce que vous ne voulez pas voir, pourrait devenir l'expérience dans votre vie. Dans le domaine de l'esprit, ce que vous imaginez de faire, c'est aussi bon que fait.
POINTS DE PRIÈRE PROPHÉTIQUE : Proverbes 28:9 Celui qui tourne son oreille pour ne pas écouter la loi, même lorsque sa prière est une abomination Proverbes 21:30 : il n' y a pas de sagesse, aucune idée, aucun plan qui peut réussir contre l'Éternel. 1. Seigneur aide-moi à vivre une vie qui apportera la gloire à vous 2. Seigneur aide moi à faire connaissance avec des personnes avec des attitudes positives 3. Seigneur fin toute forme de ressentiment dans mon coeur .Avez-vous ? Le ciel ou l'enfer, laquelle allez-vous choisir ? Jésus Christ attend votre réponse. Jean 3:36 Celui qui croit au Fils a la vie éternelle ; celui qui n'obéit pas au Fils ne verra point la vie, mais la colère de Dieu repose sur lui. Au cas où vous n'êtes pas vous-même de savoir où vous êtes à être sur cette planète terre puis dire ceci après moi :Seigneur Jésus, je suis un grand pécheur, mais aujourd'hui je veux que vous me pardonnerez tou. Au cas où vous n'êtes pas vous-même de savoir où vous êtes à être sur cette planète terre puis dire ceci après moi : Seigneur Jésus, je suis un grand pécheur, mais aujourd'hui je veux que vous me pardonner tous mes péchés et prendre ma vie dorénavant tous les jours de ma vie d'être dans votre cour pour que lorsque vous semblent ne pas être laissé derrière. Merci Jésus pour me sauver. Obtenez maintenant un croyant de la bible église où à tous les temps les gens sont amenés à Jésus Christ et d'être là jusqu'à ce qu'il s'agit.

Help and teach with wisdom:  I miss the good old days when Men of God taught the word of God at the same time teaching real life solutions. We used to visit our Pastors to get wisdom on spiritual, psychological, financial and relationship related matters;but these days you only get one answer,'Its done just go'. •Me;Pastor my wife is leaving me. Pastor; Its done,go. What should I do ? Where should I adjust? He doesn't say. •Me;Prophet I need a job .Prophet; receive its done. How? What should I do ? Where should I start? •Me; Apostle, I'm having bad dreams. Apostle;Go and sleep well,its done. Does he even understand Spiritual warfare? Does he understand Spiritual alters set upon my life? He doesn't bother to inquire. •Me; Men of God ,bless me. Men of God; its done after 2weeks you will receive $20k in your account. What's the plan ? Where from? I don't have an account.Don't the bible say ,'you shall reap what you sow' not 'you shall reap what others have sown'.

SAUL IN TARSUS: JERUSALEM AT PEACE -Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened; and encouraged by the Holy Spirit..."Acts 9:31, NIVThere was turmoil among brethren when a former Muslim attended their fellowship on campus one day. Some, who knew him very well, as one of the leaders of Muslim students, took him for a spy and an impostor. Others who were really convinced about his conversion experience had sharp disagreement with the first group. But peace started to reign when they began to see the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in his life after sometime. Likewise, Saul tried to join the disciples at Jerusalem after his conversion. Many were focusing on his past, thinking he was just trying to work his way into the circle of believers, to identify them or get them arrested. Is it not funny how we go about preaching the gospel, but still doubt the conversion of others? How many have we sent away from the fold because we found it difficult to forgive them, and we still judged them based on their past? The gospel that we preach is one of peace, and we should let this peace rule our hearts, as we relate with others, whom we feel are not so 'worthy.' Saul's life is a testimony of how someone we have looked down on might be the anointed instrument for peace and growth in the church. "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go..." Psalm 32:8. Jeremiah 35-37 .A church exists for double purpose of gathering in and sending out. – Anonymous

St. John 8:20 : These words spake Jesus in the treasury, as he taught in the temple: and no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come. Every proper, working organization should ideally be responsible for the basic well-being of its staff or employees.In other words, you find organizations putting their staff under health insurance schemes, supplying good incentives to the staff to make the work and the working environment conducive for them. Why does the organization or company do all these for its staff? It does these simply because its staff are relevant to it. The life span of the company or Organization is determined by the activities carried out by its staff.
Simply put, the employer is liable and responsible for the employee in the course of the job. Now, beloved here comes the question: are you relevant to the kingdom of God? Are you an employee of heaven? In what way are you contributing to the kingdom that will make heaven to be responsible for you? Going through and studying the ministry of Jesus on earth I realized that Jesus died at the appointed time for Him to die. Attempts were made to kill Him but He was preserved and they couldn't kill Him because the time for Him to die hadn't come yet as he had not completed His mission on earth. Are you on a mission for God that will guarantee your preservation all through the mission. Don't forget the employer is responsible for the employee in the course of the job, if you're working for the devil, his mission is to kill, steal and destroy, but if you're working for God, He will give you life abundantly John 10:10. Make yourself relevant to God and His kingdom, become a staff of heaven and the heavens will become fully responsible for your well-being. Matt6:33 everything you need and will ever need is available in the kingdom of God. That sickness can't consume you if you're relevant to the kingdom of God.That affliction can't devour you if you're on a mission for God, don't forget your employer is responsible for you in the course of the job. If you work for God, it's His responsibility to preserve you. Get involved in kingdom promotion engagements today and be preserved. YOU'RE BLESSED!

Act 20:32 And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.Many of God's people have discovered that through the law, works and efforts, they are not able to live a life that please God. The church has also come to the revelation of grace and has found out through the way that they can only live sin-free and a life pleasing to God by depending on grace. The big question however is, "How does one depend on the grace of God? " In our opening text, Paul commends his hearers to the WORD OF HIS GRACE because it is able to build them up. The grace of God builds every aspect of our lives. Where there's weaknesses, grace builds our strength. Glory to God! But the grace of God is in the word of God. It's called THE WORD OF HIS GRACE. So to depend on the grace of God, you must first access the word of God.Here's how to depend on grace. First you must attend to the word. Proverbs 4:20 puts it this way, "My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings." You attend to the word by listening to the word. Make time to constantly listen to God's word. Put it on your phone or any device that will make you listen all the time. As you listen, confess it in your life. Glory to God! As you keep listening to the word day by day, the grace of God multiplies in your life, and begin to build your life. The more you look into the word, you're changed into what you see from glory to glory (2Co 3:18). The change may not be spontaneous. It's from glory to glory. Gradually, you'll see all the weaknesses disappear as the grace of God takes over your life. Hallelujah! Prayer: Dear God I thank you for your grace. I depend on your grace. I receive the abundance of grace, and walk in it in Jesus' name.

Error is error. It does not matter who is preaching it. Why will you continue to feed the flock with junks? It will make them babies. Preach the word. Preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified, His righteousness and His Kingdom. The undiluted word of God without philosophy and gimmicks of men.

Born again: John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.,Romans 10:9 That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.Eph 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God some misconception about born again: Confessing of sins, Paying tithe, Going to church alone, Being kind....People think by doing this thing they will be saved but no. We can now see that *salvation* is only Jesus alone , where Jesus has worked it so we  received it by faith: that's believing and confessing  as in *Romans 10*.After that u are born again meaning u a now a new creation in Christ. You are born of God. You are saved. Note: when you become born again it's not ur body that's made a new creation but it's your spirit. After being born again u still experience some ungodly things don't condemn yourself because your spirit man is still a babe which need to mature that is the problem many are facing today. 1Pe 2:2 Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.The next thing we look at is how the born again can grow or mature

FEEL THIS JOKE! : Two little boys stole a big bag of oranges from a neighbor & decided to go to a quiet place to share the lot equally.One of them suggested the nearby cemetery. As they were jumping over the gate to enter the cemetery, two oranges fell out of the big bag but they didn't bother to pick them since they had enough in the bag. Few minutes later, a drunkard on his way from a bar, passed near the cemetery gate & heard a voice saying: "One For Me, One For You, One For Me, One For You". He immediately sobered up & ran as fast as he could to a Church nearby, for the priest. "Father, pls come with me. Come & witness God & satan sharing corpses at the cemetery". They both ran back to the cemetery gate & the voice continued: "One For Me, One For You, One For Me, One For You'. Suddenly, the voice stopped counting & said: "What About The Two At The Gate?" Let's get them . You should see the marathon.The priest almost ran pass the church gate shouting:"We Are Not Dead Yet oohh!!!". Now You're laughing.

 Mathematicians say LIFE is like a line segment drawn from point B to point D. What is point B to point D? It's from point of Birth(B) to point of Death(D).So life starts from the moment we are Born(B) until the day we Die(D). But in the middle of B(Birth) and D(Death) is a mysterious C. What is C then?It is CHRIST. If we put Christ in the middle of our life(Birth--->Christ--->Death) our life will not end at D but extend to E. What is E? It's Eternal Life. So all those who put Christ in the middle of their life have Eternal life after Death. But those who do not put Christ in the middle of their lives don't have Eternal life after Death but they have F(Fire). Therefore the mathematical Equation or Definition of Life For Christians is
B   +   C   +    D       =   E
Birth+Christ+Death= Eternal Life
And the mathematical Equation or Definition Of Life For Unbelievers:
(B   -  C ) + D      =   F
    Birth - Christ + Death =   Fire
Any one that avoids C must surely lose E
For scriptural references, please check the following
1John 5:11-13   Acts 4:12   John 5:34   Rom 10:1   John 3:16 & 17   Rev 20:11-15

Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts. 1 Corinthians 14:1 .God will pass over a thousand people who don't care much for the anointing and will give it to a person who strongly desires it. Did you know that Elijah's first servant was not Elisha? Did you know that Elijah's first servant was bypassed when it was time to be anointed? This servant was active in ministry but he was not chosen to be anointed by God. It was this servant who Elijah sent seven times to see if the rain clouds had appeared: 1 Kings 18:42, 43. Why did this servant not receive the anointing? Why did Elisha, who was not even in the ministry , receive the anointing? Elisha was involved in business. He was plowing a field with his other business partners. What happened to the servant? Why wasn't he anointed? Why didn't he become the next great prophet? Please learn this important principle right now! God will pass over a thousand people who don't care much for the anointing and will give it to a person who strongly desires it. Desire the anointing more than anything else in this world. That is the first step to becoming "anything" in the Kingdom of God. God told Pastor Timothy to look for people with a desire to be bishops. People with strong desires are those who get spiritual gifts. But covet [desire] earnestly the best gifts (1 Corinthians 12:31)